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In Expansion II: Survival, endure as long as you can in a very hostile environment and brutal weather conditions. In a blizzard, everything you can find becomes a vital resource! This new mode will challenge even the most talented agents. Survival Mode Cold, stripped of gear, and beset by a brutal snowstorm, you must survive until extracting safely in the Dark Zone. Finding warm clothes and survival equipment will be vital to your success. However, the environment is not the only danger out there; beware of other agents and deadly Hunters prowling in the area if you wish to make it to the end.

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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awesome and frustrating. exceptional. this brings the game back to old school skillset. one wrong move...incredibly addictive, run, hide, scavenger and choose your keeps agreat tempo

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Unfair Expansion

Survival is a perfectly acceptable gamemode, but it comes at an unfair price. Personally I don't like the Dark Zone, I like to play and enjoy myself. The Dark Zone is a place i never go to because of the high number of players who run around just to be Rogue. I feel a Survival mode would work great outside the Dark Zone, where you dont have to worry about higher level agents hindering your experience just because they wanna ruin the experience for others. I give it 4 stars because the ideas great, but its an unfair expansion to people, like myself, that don't like going into the Dark Zone. I feel Survival would have better executed as like a difficulty setting, make a new character and play everything as Survival. That way everyone can enjoy it their own way, instead of a specific area that not everyone plays.

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love the DLC

play it up 3 times a day when i have time. wish drop rates for certain weapons were increased.(MDR). hunters are my only problem, they heal to much and when they knock me down from across the extraction, i heal and then they on top of me in aflash with an execution. im farming for the MDR solo before i run with friends, i will have that gun, been waiting since day 1 for semi auto AR. good luck agents.

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Relearn the game

Start with bare bones gear like the other 23 agents in your "match" then hope on your way to the next shelter/hideout/fire barrel you find crafting supplies and/or weapon or gear crates before you freeze to death. It is a nice change of pace, but in higher tiers very easy to get shot to death in the blink of an eye if you turn the wrong corner. That gets annoying. PVP and PVE options. I have not tried pvp. Not my thing.

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Crybabies Beware

It's quite entertaining to see all the "lol 5 stars what?" reviews. People, this mode is "WORKING AS INTENDED". Not enough medicine? Not enough food or water? Not enough ammo? .....EXACTLY THE POINT. This isn't supposed to be easy...or fast...or for those having ADHD. Patience...timing...teamwork- is key to being successful. Hunters are glass cannons, and IMO have a touch of dumb AI. Personally, this is by far the most enjoyable mode in the game. Lastly, all I can say NOT 5 stars?!

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It's really not that bad of a DLC

Honestly in my opinion, this DLC is not that bad as everyone is saying it is or is the greatest as everyone is saying it is. This Survior DLC is more beneficial to players that like games in sort of a knock out phase of surviour with the amount of people that liked to enjoy the game with NO ADS or DPS being envolved, everybody is even with skill level really.. You start out with 24 players and each of the players are trying to survive including you. While doing so you may come across of the decision to kill another player so you can loot his stuff or you may let him be. Either way, once you aquire the proper gear to get into the Dark Zone its basically PVP and PVE from there on out really. But the purpose trying to get inside the Dark Zone is to get the cure for the inffection and the first one who gets it is really the winner of the game really. The game has its flaws with some aspects of the DLC but even haters got to admit, that there is no game like this DLC aspect really.

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Great Gamemode

This is a great gamemode, the survival DLC is what some looked for in the overall gameplay. Tired of getting killed by players? Play PvE. Not getting a good enough challenge? Play PvP. The gamemode makes you feel like every useless item like food, feel valueable.

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Fun PvP

Finally some PvP any one can play with out getting destroyed by a bunch of guys that have all maxed out gear.

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Man 1.5 survival is amazing! I highly suggest getting survival, if you like battle royal then youll love survival it adds a huge fun gamemode with high replay value, ive been playing this game since day 1 i have many many hours , if you didnt give the game a try in 1.4 then give it a try now, survival is well worth it. This game since 1.4 has been going in the right direction and im happy with it, if youre just getting back into the game and got survival add me! I'll be more then happy to help you out, hope this review helped!

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... I just solo won this mode... The intense situations and moments I had to go through... to do this.... Ive never felt so satisfied in BEATING any other game the way I felt jumping in that chopper... Brutal killing to HAVING to sneak pass NPCs that you know you cant kill alone with the gear you found... Being forced to fall back to a nearby dead player HOPING he has the water youre lacking... WELL DONE, Ubisoft... You brought me back <3 🎮💪 I BEAT THIS WITH 40 SEC LIFE LEFT IN ME.... Last agent alive... amazing... ❤ Thank you Ubi doobie

14 out of 16 people found this helpful.

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