Tom Clancy's The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division

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Play The Division for Free on Xbox from December 7 to 10! Tom Clancy’s The Division is a revolutionary next-gen experience that brings the RPG into a modern military setting for the first time. In the wake of a devastating pandemic that sweeps through New York City, basic services fail one by one, and without access to food or water the city descends into chaos. As an agent of The Division, you’ll specialize, modify, and level up your gear, weapons, and skills to take back New York on your own terms.

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Online multiplayer - (1-16)
  • Online co-op

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Great game but could be even better.

Amazing graphics and character customization. Lack luster story that can be improved upon. No matter how you look at it..this game favors those who can invest a large amount of time into it. The learning curve is steep, it really takes awhile to get good at, and the skill gap in PvP shows. Anyone who doesnt like this game probably walked in expecting to play a few days and kill other players easy in the DZ(darkzone, aka massive PvP area). NOPE, this isnt COD where anyone can get a kill. Real time and effort needs to be put in to do well in this game. The end game all about making a build to fit your playstyle. Farm for the items you need to make your build stronger, in turn you do better in PvP & PvE. Partying up with other players is definitely recommended too. If that doesnt sound like your cup of tea, dont buy it. I personally think Massive do a great job taking feedback to improve the player experience overall. In my book its a 9.5/10. The DLC's should have more content for the $

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Enjoyed it at one point

In retrospect, it's just not that great. The concept is cool but the execution just isn't there. Season pass owners are getting the season shaft as well. The Dark Zone (PVP area) is simply trollsville these days. Not good enough to compete at your rank? No problem, instead of improving your skill, just go pick on low ranks that can't even scratch you based solely on equipment...

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Hyped Up Disapointment

I was expecting this game to be the game it was advertised to be but it falls short of expectations. The city map is awesome, its large and there are plenty of areas to explore. The single player story is ok, its not deep and you'll forget every character thats in it except for the ones at the main base because they will say the same repetitive line when you are near and you will be near a lot. Unfortunatly there is no end game content unless you are a fan of the open area multiplayer areana called the dark zone. There is nothing to do there but collect gear and try to extract it from the area so you can keep what youve collected. The game lacks various game modes. Story missions, Dark Zone, and Incursions are your 3 modes. The game mechanics do NOT feel fluent, your character doesnt move around cover like you expect and gets hung up on objects a lot. And they want you to pay them more money to continue the story via DLC. Lastly it just feels like an incomplete game cut up for profit

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Great Game

Im not a Destiny or COD player. I think the graphics, controls & presentation are outstanding. Updates can be fustrating because it may affect your playstyle & may even send you back to the drawing board. Lots of open world to explore, cool weapons & gear, great sound, good community....try it for yourself as a gamer. People who bash this game usually are big FPS players, keep that in mind. Peace.

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fun but frustrating

I really like this game.I Think it gets a bad rap,my only issue is the enemies are bullet sponges.shoot em over and over,they shoot you and you drop quickly and have to respawn,But I cant stop playing it

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A Great Model; Bad Presentation

An open world sandbox (child sized) where character building is the name of the game and bullets randomly appear like magic. The arduous farming is amplified by the lackluster bullet sponges that are enemy soldiers and distinguishing between bosses and normal foes. The potential for a graphic masterpiece was there but gets compounded by the overlay copies of garbage lying around the world making the surrounding area feel more like a junk yard then a dystopian city. The saving grace is your team of coop friends which reduces the cumbersome grind you face in storymode. The customization is fully realized but starts to diminish thanks to improper gear balancing. Multiplayer would be amazing if not for poor design choices and horrible servers due to hacking and bugs. A great model with horrible misrepresentation.

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From OK to loving it

Iplayed this game when it first came out for a few months...Then lost interest. Now since i have come back starting around Sept. I am loving the game! New updates specifically 1.4 have made this game amazing again! Been playing the last couple months and its much better and more exciting than when it first came out! If you havent played before or in a while. Give it a wont regret it! Very excited for the new dlc! This is the most gorgeous game ive ever played! Fun, indepth, team play, smooth mehanics, vibrant gorgeous world/weather effects plus day and night cycle. added on to fun and almost endless customization. This game is not perfect, but has the potetial to be! Developers are finally taking it in the right direction. NOW IS THE TIME TO PICK IT BACK UP OR JOIN!

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Was a great game

Im a big fan im TC games and i was all aboard the die hard fan train for this game. unfortunatly that train is now raming me in the rear due too the horrible PvP that turned into an absolute cluster fornication when the trolls found out they could get the most OP loot fast and easy. the leveling for the DZ was horrible and didn't improve much im still getting raided by everyone its like the rage virus from 28 days later met the LA riots. also the story was atrocious and poorly done, it had so much potential and i mean a lot of potential but due to being rushed that all went down the latrine. the looting aspect is ok accept for the ridiculous grind you go through. I know the dev's have acknowlaged this and are working on some of these problems i will say thats an excellent move on their part and I genuinely hope they can make this game great again. So hang on there everyone she aint dead yet she's still got some fight in her.

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Its fun at first then it gets Grindy repetitive fast

I had fun the first 3 or 4 days it came out, then I got bored real fast and put it down until some DLC came out and some of the countless bugs were fixed. After coming back to it months later the game is fun in short bursts, best played with friends, but gets Repetitive and grindy really really fast. Graphics are good but NYCity all looks the same actually sort of how it looks today. The classic RPG/DPS Element does not go with this type of game, The enemies are bullet sponges even the rioters with handguns and no armor take 3 or 4 headshots and 60 bullets to the body before they die, That is not realistic at all.This game should have been what Wild Lands is today. The new survival mode is fun the first few times then u never want to see it again, Ubisoft should have mixed a little of the survival elements into the main campaign. Also the price of core,Dlc, and addons is a huge rip off. I just want to get all the achievements as fast as possible, delete it and never play it again.

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almost epic

the environments are amazing. levels 1 to 30 are well crafted and fun. however the endgame PVE content quickly becomes a chore and PVP dark zone is a griefers paradice and currently unplayable. the devs totally blew what could have a great game.

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