Toy Odyssey

Toy Odyssey

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Toy Odyssey is a Metroidvania style action-platformer that takes you back to a world made from the nightmares of your childhood. Join Brand, an action figure come to life. in his fight against the darkness to save his owner, Felix. Nightmares are only the start of his troubles. Brand needs to uncover the secrets of the house before it's too late. Explore the entire house, combat chaos, and save other toys in the battle against evil. Create a huge arsenal and upgrade any items you find. Build the ultimate bedroom fortress to keep the darkness at bay. Unravel the house's mysterious past, and learn to overcome all odds.

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Xbox One

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very good metroidvania style game

gameplay is fun the random generated levels are great the customization is very in depth my only complaint is the unbelievably small text and no way to increase its size if the developers read this please if possible release a patch so there is a option to increase the text size

22 out of 23 people found this helpful.

Amazing value

Just as addicting as it looks. It's like a modernized version of old school Metroidvania games. Quests, collectibles, upgrades, crafting and a procedurally generated house all mean I'll be getting my money's worth and then some. In fact, I've already gotten more than 1 hour per 1 dollar spent. The developers are even still updating and listening to their players.

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An new idea with an old twist

this is a game that if you played castlevania symphony of the night and enjoyed it then you will love this game, every time you die the layout of the game changes. after you get past the poor voice acting, it's a beautiful game with a simple but good story, realy great stylized graphics, and a childish nightmare atmosphere.

24 out of 25 people found this helpful.

Great Game Using the MetroidVania gameplay

Most def getting my money worth, it's a great game especially if you love metroidvania type games. They mixed in some rogue-lite elements which make the game challenging. Overall money well worth spent there's 60bucks games out there that is horrible compared to this game. Also like the fact that there still updating the game listening to the people who play the game making it even better.

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A flawed masterpiece

Despite some minor balancing and repetitive turn-down. It's surprisingly fun to play. I've enjoyed it anyway!

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Needs some fixing... but has potential.

In need of a patch for framerate stutters and hiccups (leads to many missed jumps and attacks), localization dialogue, and oh god... the microscopic text. Controls are a bit unresponsive at times as well. But with the right patch, I could really love this game. A roguelike (immediately reminds me of Rogue Legacy), with satisfying combat and rpg-lite elements. Decent platforming. And just addicting gameplay overall. If you can deal with the technical issues for now, this is another enjoyable rogulike platformer.

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Quality game

So, I haven't spent much time with the Toy Odyssey yet but the art style and audio are solid. The game seems pretty challenging (as in hard) but it feels like there's a lot of content to discover. Not a lot of indie titles have decent VO like this one or such pretty backgrounds. The controls and balancing could be better.

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best rouge metrodvania game ever

Finally rouge game where you constantly progress every death character will keep loot. so much fun once you upgrade armor to get new abilities such as dodge, glide, double jump. So many weapons and items to craft. Most addicting game ever. Played for 8 hours straight after I learned to upgrade boots to get dodge and double jump. I never play same game for 2 plus hours so in other words its addicting as crack.

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Hard but fun

I don't get all the trolling. My friend picked this up on Steam (where it only has positive reviews so far) and suggested it. I like indie games and wanted to give it a shot. Pros: 1. Solid graphics, the visuals are the main selling point. 2. Good audio. Music, VO, and effects are not AAA but good Cons: 1. The game is hard. It probably needs difficulty settings, but expect to die a lot. Although, it saves pretty often so that's not a big deal. 2. The controllers aren't as tight as you might want, but I think that's intention that you need to upgrade your character. So, again the game is tough to start.

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Definitely worth a shot!

Ok, so the voice acting and grammatical errors can get slightly tiring but it is a very enjoyable game to say the least. If you're a fan of the genre give it a shot and you won't be disappointed. Customization is enough to keep you going and the story is surprisingly good! If you're new to this type of platformer try any classic Metroid or Castlevania game, Shadow Complex or Rogue Legacy. Fun games that are extremely rewarding. Have fun!!!

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