The world is ending... though few believe it. The once proud city of Ubersreik now stands in ruin at the hands of the dreaded Skaven army. Few have survived their ruthless invasion. Team up with 3 friends and work together to thin out the ratmen’s forces and drive them out of the city. Assume the role of one of five heroes, and hack, slash, smash, burn and pierce the vile Skaven using a multitude of weapons. Fight your way through the city of Ubersreik, from the top of the Magnus Tower to the bowels of the Under Empire. This is our last stand and only you can stem the Vermintide. Requires Xbox Live Gold membership.

Available on

Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Online multiplayer - 1 to 4 players
  • Online co-op

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Published by
Fatshark AB

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Approximate download size
19.21 GB

  • Age rating
  • Entertainment Software Rating Board

    Mature 17+

    Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB

    Alcohol Reference

    Blood and Gore

    Intense Violence

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Great Co-op game that is overlooked.

I am new to the Warhammer play and settings, but was not surprised to learn it has a strong fan base since it released its table top strategy games in the 80's. The setting of early renaissance era post Holy Roman Empire Germany sets it far apart from other magic/adventure RPGs enhances the uniqueness of the game..

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Left 4 GW style

Lets face it... this game is left 4 dead with a Games Workshop face lift and not in a bad way. This game is hardcore on any difficulty and teamwork is a must. Best part to me is level completion rewards, yup new gear for great reply value topped with gear upgrades. The grind is not bad for lots of gear. I would LOVE to see this game in a 40k theme being space marines killing tyrnids with dlc for fighting chaos, tau, goblins, and all xenos threats.

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nobody plays this garbage

A lot of games benefit from teamwork but this is impossible without everybody working together and there aren't many people playing this let alone people who work together. I can carry the team in any game but this one. I don't play on easy so if you do you might enjoy this. I love everything about this game but failure after failure this becomes less fun. Trolling is also encouraged. One person can prevent the game from starting and it happens a lot.

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Not really a FPS, more of a first person beat-em up

I love the melee focused combat, the visually delicious levels and the varied roles the different characters have. Plays like a shooter on the easier settings, but turns into first person Bloodborne once you learn well timed dodges are the key to survival and saving you team. Yes, this is a teamwork game. Its not a race to the end of the level, so its ok to stop, turn around, and see how your team is doing. Theres usually some decent players online, but join the 'vermintide exterminators united' xbox club to find trustworty teammates. friendly bits of advice, go to gameplay settings and turn your player outlines from 'ON' to 'ALWAYS ON' that way you never lose track of your team, get comfy with the dodge and tag buttons, dodge will save you more than block. Even if in plain sight; tagging a special enemy will help your team line up head shots, espcially in the middle of a horde. dont throw the grimoires away they give you better loot. hold block while reviving teammates. Have fun.

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Could of been amazing

Great coop game which is limited by constant crashing / freezing and connection errors. Low population makes games hard to find. If fat shark would pay attention to the console versions this game could really thrive. Hoping these things get resolved in the near future.

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I Love this game, the WarHammer books from felix and gotrek all the way to malus darkblade. And would love to see many more games from the WarHammer triology.

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Pilot Winder


Medieval Left 4 Dead :D

I love this game! It reminds me a lot of Left 4 Dead except with a different enemy and in another era. It's cool to also find out that Fat Shark had a lot of inspiration from those games. Anyways, this game is intense with tons of carnage, and the replayability is great!

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An unforgiving great time

Like most games, it's way more fun with friends. However I've had pretty good experiences withe this game's community. Everyone tends to share the healing items and pick me up when I get in too far over my head. Even when my friends aren't playing I still have a good time with quick matches. Still though, the game is pretty unforgiving. Fail a mission and you'll find yourself lootless and starting the quest from the very beginning. No check points. Fortunately I usually have good team mates. I've had a really good time with this game thus far, but I understand that it may not appeal to eveyone. It's 100% a game worth looking into though.

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Dal3 Ma 1997


Could have been great

Loved left 4 dead, feel the same for this game. One big difference though, server reliability and the absence of an offline single player option. If those issues are ever addressed, then this game would receive a five star rating by most, not just myself.

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This Game Has Me Hooked

A hook rat got me and I'm still yelling at my 3 mic-less teamates to get me down to this very day. It's Left 4 Dead with swords and crafting so stab some rats before the host leaves the session!

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