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Gigantic is a third-person, Strategic Hero Shooter with fast & fluid action and deeply strategic team gameplay. FIGHT alongside and against massive Guardians in epic 5 v 5 battles to control the battlefield. Eliminate the enemy Guardian by delivering the final wound and propel your team to victory. MANEUVER expansive and intricate arenas with unparalleled speed and fluidity as you dash, dodge, and jump your way through heart-pounding engagements. Plan your attack from a high ledge or a hidden underpass – choose your own unique path to victory! STRATEGIZE and adapt with your teammates to best your enemies. With a wildly diverse and visually stunning hero roster to choose from, the winning combination is sure to be different for each match. Summon Creatures, generate power, and fight with your Guardian to destroy the enemy team. Think fast, be bold, Go Gigantic!

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Xbox One


  • Online multiplayer - (10)

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Motiga, Inc

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Love it! but...

I really enjoy this game...when i have the chance to play it.I love the game but it needs to work on match making. it takes about 3 minutes to find a match but usualy it declines and "Disconnect" because "not all players loaded in time".Then when you finnaly found a match that works. you recive a MOBA that fell from heaven. The AMAZING Scenery with the map layed out so that it encourage's conflict. The characters are well balanced and well designed specifically for each ability, not the other way around. It makes up for the length of match making by making longer matches. I LOVE the game but i think it needs more updates. Other wise i highly recommend this game!

159 out of 176 people found this helpful.

Very fun, but plenty of problems

I've been playing this game since it was in Alpha and I still find it extremely enjoyable. The characters are awesome and diverse, the art style is unique for a MOBA and it's free to play with generous currency payout. I liked it enough to purchase the Founder's Pack, but lately a few things have been souring the experience. First and foremost, the frame rate can be awful, a lot of the time and especially while team fighting. You can barely tell what's going on. (Only happens on Xbox). A lot of the UI elements are buggy and don't allow for easy navigation, such as the aftergame and Fortune Card collection. The matchmaking is horrid, with constantly getting the "match declined" msg and being sent back to the main menu, making it take 20 min or more to find a stable match, only for someone to DC or go AFK. Finally it crashes pretty often. Thankfully you can rejoin matches, but you've probably lost by then. I know it's a Beta and I love the game so I hope most of these problems are fixed.

157 out of 174 people found this helpful.

Fun Game

Pretty fun game. I'm a fan of these arena style games and this holds up well. One thing I dislike is the fact that queue times can be long but that's probably due to a small player base. Other than that it's a fun game solo or with a team. Also this game is just pure fighting no lanes or anything just mash your head on the controller. and go nuts.

187 out of 210 people found this helpful.

Astonishing! But with a few flaws...

Gigantic in my opinion is a beautiful and well put-together game. I really enjoy the cartoon-ish look and feel to it. I also like the characters in this game, from how they look to what they can do! But, yes, like in all videogames, there are flaws. Such as trolls who leave the game while connection has started or while the game is in progress. Some of the characters are a little overpowered. Take Tripp for an example. She is an Assassin with good offense and mobility. However, if you ever go up against one, you'd better be grouped up, or at least have enough brain to counter her. I would go more into Tripp, but that's going away from my topic right now. Then there's connection and crashing. If you have really bad connection, then just don't play this game, you'd regret it. And if you're gonna go multi with your friend, then best of luck to you.(Wait...) Anyhoo, Im sorry if this is too long to read, and I hope the done version will fix these flaws that Gigantic has.

274 out of 319 people found this helpful.

Good Starter Moba

The have done a fantastic job of making the game fun and simplistic. Players will find there selfs playing for hours on end. If your new to Moba's or just want a good free game this game is the one to pick up. Also Motiba your doing a amazing job keep up the good work.

54 out of 61 people found this helpful.

Love this game

UPDATE: So excited that the game finally went open. The more the merrier. So far I am liking the changes, though I do miss the creature variants. So far this is shaping to be a great game. Everyone should play. Also can't wait for the 4 new characters hoping Roland and Pakko return. --- Been play since the started giving codes out and even though the game isn't done I am still addicted. I can't wait until the release so everyone can play this amazing game.

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Great with practice

Game is tough for starters but im decent after 3 hours or so. Concept takes getting used to but once you have it the game feels great to play. Art is awesome as well as game design. Only problems ive had are minor graphical issues on post game menus, and queues for PvP took a while to adjust to my skill level. But overall this game feels great and insanely fun after the learning curve.

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Go on Motiga

The game is a moba shooter so its similiar to games like overwatch smite and league of ledgend the perspective is from third person. its a lot less complicated then other mobas so its easier to get into. IT PLAYS REALLY GOOD AND ITS FUN WITH FRIENDS.the charecters are very unique as well. The only issue as of know is takes awhile to find games but its in beta so its to be expected

158 out of 192 people found this helpful.

Overall pretty great game!

I do have a problem with the match making though, sometimes it can take up to 10 minutes to find a game! Occasionally at the end of matches I don't get to see the results. Keep in mind that this is a pre-release title and is subject to change.

55 out of 64 people found this helpful.

Fun, Fast paced not like other MOBAs

Different than other MOBAs and really worth the play time, Battles feel chaotic and fun. Game just needs a little more for characters and game modes/Events and a patch for bugs and crashes.

32 out of 36 people found this helpful.

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