Digital signage for business

Digital signage transforms the way you interact with your audience. By enabling you to deliver targeted and dynamic visual messaging, it increases engagement and reduces costs.

Millenial man squatting to use large touchscreen monitor (screen shown) in test factory

Millenial man squatting to use large touchscreen monitor (screen shown) in test factory

Digital signage for every business


Get your signage up and running faster, using off the shelf Windows solutions. We handle the integration so you can focus on business value.


Leverage Microsoft’s extensive partner ecosystem and the Azure cloud to manage more screens and locations as your business grows.


Built-in security from device to cloud, with comprehensive features for deployment, provisioning, updating, and device health.

Get started now

Need a digital sign now? Here are two ways to get a solution up and running. OR contact one of our partners to help you find, deploy, and manage the right signage solution for your business. Microsoft partners are Windows experts.


Digital signage devices

Microsoft enables affordable on-premises and cloud connected digital signage, from simple DIY single-screens to comprehensive partner-led solutions.

Create the best digital signage experience

Enable a seamless and secure digital signage experience powered by Microsoft technologies. Here are some examples from our partners:

Advantech has powered thousands of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) digital signage networks across every market such as retail, hospitality and public transportation with turnkey signage offerings.


Omnivex, a leading creator of intelligent digital signage, designed its Moxie communications platform to run on Windows 10 and with Azure IoT. This solution empowers organizations to share real-time information across any screen.


StratosMedia is a hybrid cloud platform that has a strong history providing digital communication and digital signage ecosystems to Government entities, Corporations, Transport, Education, Retail, Hospitality, and Digital Media Companies globally.


Using the XOGO Decision Signage and XOGO Content Manager apps, businesses can turn any Windows 10 device into a digital sign in just a few clicks. Customers can also purchase a XOGO Mini 4K media player, which comes with XOGO Decision Signage running on Windows 10 IoT Core.


Four Winds Interactive creates groundbreaking Visual Communications solutions for leading corporate enterprises, automotive companies, healthcare facilities, college campuses, hotels, stadiums and more.


L Squared helped Canada’s UPS stores provide flexible, fast, and cost-effective corporate marketing for all locations across the country. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Azure IoT have reduced costs and given customers confidence in a familiar, reliable, market-tested operating system and cloud infrastructure.


Find your partner

With the help of the right partner, Windows digital signage will keep data safe, secure, and support insights to move business forward.

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