Bonus Content for State of Decay 2: Doomsday Pack
Bonus Content for State of Decay 2: Doomsday Pack is currently not available.


The Doomsday Pack contains:  • Melee Weapon - Apocalypse Bat: This aluminum baseball bat is fitted with industrial-strength bolts for enhanced skull-crunching capabilities. • Melee Weapon - Apocalypse Sword: A heavy Chinese war sword issued in the second world war, highly regarded for its potential to remove limbs in a single stroke. • Ranged Weapon Set: Assault Shotgun AA12, Assault Rifle X36C, Submachinegun EVO3. • Vehicle - Impaler (Skull Eagle paint job): An old sedan modified to handle the apocalypse with a custom paint job.   Supply Drop:       • 2x First Aid Kits       • 3x Molotov's       • 3x Pipe Bombs       • 2x Improvised Suppressors       • 2x 8-Slot Backpack   Use your radio commands to call in your rewards!

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Xbox Game Studios


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Undead Labs

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