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Budget-friendly devices for every classroom starting at $380*

Anywhere, Anytime Learning

Whether you’re transforming your entire school or testing the water with a new 1-1 device pilot, getting the right combination of technology, techniques and professional development is critical. Microsoft, together with our team of experts, has developed a five-stage program that guides you along the way. To help you get started, this web site is packed with resources, expert guidance, best practice examples and more.

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Not sure how to get started? We can offer you a full day 1-1 strategy workshop for your leadership team. Find out more.

Five stages to success

Resources to help you every step of the way:

Stage 1

Research, envision and design

Learn what the experts believe about the importance of anywhere, anytime learning by studying our collated research that focuses on transformation Be inspired by what other schools have been able to achieve by listening to our video case studies and hear how they have implemented 1-to-1 technology that was right for them.

Stage 2

Prepare, plan and budget

Dive in to our guides on defining goals, implementing a workable strategy and choosing what’s practically right for your school.

Stage 3

Promote, PD and prepare for launch

One of the biggest challenges in using ICT effectively in schools, is developing your staff. Help develop your teachers and guide your IT staff with these handy resources.

Stage 4

Roll out the devices

When you have a plan, get a helping hand from Microsoft or our partners to put that plan into action.

Stage 5

Evaluate, adjust and acknowledge

Benchmarking your project is good practice. When your project is complete and has been implemented, it’s time to review whether your teachers and students are starting to reach the goals laid out and discover if adjustments are needed.

Best practice for Anywhere, Anytime Learning projects

Hear from a group of experts how to implement the right kind technology in your school.

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Windows apps for Education

There are thousands of education apps in the Windows Store. From early learning games and study aids to classroom management tools - with more being published every day. These can be curated for your school using Windows 10 and functionality within the Windows Business store. Learn more about implementing a private app store for your school

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Mathletics Student

3P Learning Ltd

Book Creator

Red Jumper Limited

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Choosing devices for Anywhere, Anytime Learning

Get some help comparing devices, and discover what really matters when choosing a device.

Choosing Devices Guide


For very young students or an ancillary device for older students.


For students who want to write code, edit videos and create games, in addition to schoolwork.

Laptop with touch

For multimedia and design students. Add a pen to increase the potential of the device for learning.

2-in-1 with Pen

Perfect for school. Students can take handwritten notes, brainstorm ideas, write equations and use character-based languages.

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