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Reimagine Cyber Attack Security & Protection

Today’s security landscape has evolved into a jumbled mix of security solutions, making it challenging to manage security and respond to threats effectively. At the same time malicious cyber activity is increasing in frequency, scale, and sophistication throughout Australia.

How can Businesses stay protected against increasing security threats?


The Essential Eight for Security

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has recommended that organisations implement eight essential mitigation strategies as a baseline. In our Essential Eight series we deep dive into the evolving threat landscape, what the Essential Eight is, how it works in practice as well as some tips and recommendations on how to get started.

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Zero Trust

It's easy to distrust everything outside your company’s perimeter. But what about the people, devices, services, and networks within? Compromising trusted resources is a popular focus of cyber attacks, and protecting against this requires a multi-pronged approach.

The cyber threat landscape is more complex than ever due to challenges presented by remote working environments. Get the latest information on security strategies to protect your organisation from anywhere and on multiple devices.

Learn how to utilise Microsoft solutions to protect your systems and respond to breaches quickly and effectively.

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Demystifying Zero Trust

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Securing Identities and Endpoints

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Securing Apps and Data

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Securing Network and Infrastructure

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Making Zero Trust real at Microsoft: Best practices and Lessons learnt

Additional Security Resources

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Learn how COVID-19 has impacted cyber security for Australian businesses

This informative and free webinar will step you through a detailed breakdown of how COVID-19 has altered the cybersecurity landscape and what businesses and individuals need to focus on to steer clear of a cyberattack.

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Using authentication to streamline secure access

Leading national law firm Mills Oakley was able to streamline and manage secure access and maintain client confidentiality by switching from a third-party single sign on to Microsoft Multi Factor Authentication.

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Don’t open that - a behind the scenes look at cyber security threats

How real are cyber security threats? Has remote working made the world more dangerous for businesses? And what exactly is a ‘phishing attack’? This webinar, hosted by Microsoft security experts, reviews three of the most common hacker attacks - you’ll learn how hackers think and how to better prepare your business for what most experts think is almost inevitable.

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Essential security guides

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Protect your data and people with Zero Trust Security

The Zero Trust security model assumes breach and treats each access request as though it originated from an uncontrolled network.

Prepare for the inevitability of risks and breaches, assuming the worst to maintain the best for your teams and customers.

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the Resilience report

Security: A guide to building resilience

Secure remote access and digital security is a big part of building resilience in your organization. To meet today’s needs without overwhelming your security team you need to enhance your cybersecurity capabilities.

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Stay current with the latest security trends and tips for secure remote work

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Microsoft security provides a comprehensive suite of leading solutions that is unified across people, devices, apps, and data.

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Built-in experiences across platforms

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Integrated, best in class threat protection

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Seamless and secure user experiences

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