Australian students innovating on a global stage

For two years Australian high school teachers and students have enthusiastically taken part in the Microsoft AI for Good Schools Challenge. Now it’s time to take our ideas to the world. Welcome to Imagine Cup Junior.

What is Imagine Cup Junior?

Imagine Cup Junior 2021 provides students aged 13 to 18 with the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge technology and how it can be used to positively change the world.

Learn About AI

In teams of 1 to 6, your students will learn about how artificial intelligence works with a fresh new curriculum, engage with Microsoft’s ethical principles and our AI for Good initiatives.

Dream up world changing ideas

Once your students have learned about this technology, they will dream up a world changing idea to solve a social, cultural, health or environmental challenge.

Compete against students around the globe

Your students will then need to submit their AI concept by May 21 2021 in the form of a ten-slide templated PowerPoint presentation which can be downloaded on the Imagine Cup Junior global website.

Introducing you to the global Imagine Cup Junior Challenge Webinar.

This webinar will guide you through the Imagine Cup Junior challenge. We cover what ICJ is, how to register, where to find your resources, and how to get the best out of the challenge for your students.

As an educator why should you register your students for Imagine Cup Junior 2021?

To thrive in a changing world, we think Australia’s young people need to be confident users and builders of technology. Through Imagine Cup Junior your students will learn valuable skills to help them succeed in the future of education and work.

Free teacher resources, future-focused learning and great prizes.

With free teacher resources, future-focused learning, and great prizes to win, there are plenty of reasons to get involved in Imagine Cup Junior. The global challenge has been designed to give your students the opportunity to take their ideas to the world, network with peers across the globe, and have the chance to bring their ideas to life.

How can my students participate?

To get involved in Imagine Cup Junior 2021 you will need to register. Once you have registered, you will have access to all of the global teacher resources you need to participate in the challenge. We also have Australian-specific resources for you with curriculum alignment, Australian examples and lessons from previous Australian student entries.



Your students can complete the challenge in only three hours through a Hackathon run by the Australian education organization Education Changemakers. These are run in Term 1 2021 in both in-person and digital formats. You can also run a DIY hackathon for your students at your school.

Imagine Cup Junior for Beginners

Alternatively your students can go deeper into their learning through ICJ for Beginners. This consists of 5 x 45 minute Australian aligned lesson plans that you can deliver at your school. These are easy to follow with everything you need to run engaging Imagine Cup Junior lessons for students.

Deep Dive

For those schools really wanting to do a deep dive into the Imagine Cup Junior curriculum, you can engage with the Deep Dive modules. This learning can be conducted over several terms and is ideal for computer science courses. There are 5 modules and they can be downloaded from the Imagine Cup Junior global website.

Register for Imagine Cup Junior today

Register your students and download your resources today at the Imagine Cup Junior website.

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