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Be the IT hero at your school with Intune for Education. A simplified Windows 10 management experience for the classroom.

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Express configuration

Get up and running in just a few steps.

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1. Choose a group to set-up

Choose the groups and users that you want to deploy apps device settings to.

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2. Select apps to install

Select the apps that you want to assign to your groups and users.

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3. Choose group settings

Choose the device settings you want to apply to the groups and users you have selected.

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Easy app deployment

Deploy apps to students and teachers without touching their devices.

Once apps are deployed, they are available to your students and teachers the next time they login and follow them to any device, so they only always see the apps they are supposed to see.

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Give students personalised experiences on shared devices

Deliver a custom experience for each student, even on shared devices.

With fast sign-in on shared devices, and settings applied to devices at login, each user can have a personal, custom experience while learning on a shared device.

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Explore free training and classroom resources for teachers including quick tip videos, lessons and learning paths to become a Microsoft Innovative Educator.


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