Windows 10 helps students and teachers do great things

With best-in-class digital inking capabilities and collaboration tools to boost learning outcomes, it’s the platform students never outgrow.

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Learn how to upgrade your device to Windows 10

With affordable devices designed for education, you can have the latest ruggedized devices in the hands of your students quickly and within budget.

Introducing Windows 10 in S mode

Windows 10 in S mode gives schools the familiar, robust, and productive experiences they count on from Windows in an experience streamlined for security and performance in the classroom, built to work with Microsoft Education.1

The Windows 10 Creators Update has arrived.


An affordable and accessible learning platform

Set-up a classroom of PCs in an hour. Watch a time-lapse of an IT admin and two teachers set up and deploy Windows 10 Creators Update PCs in a classroom, in an hour.

Affordable devices. Great for education.

Choose from a selection of Windows 10 devices with features that range from being rugged and spill-proof for student use to all-day battery life² all with the power, performance and security that teachers, students, and families can count on.


Safety and security

The most secure, robust and flexible Windows ever for your students. With multiple layers of integrated security, this is the most secure Windows yet.

Use Microsoft Edge for better learning outcomes

Microsoft Edge is the faster, safer browser to get things done on the web. It has unique capabilities designed to help students and teachers stay focused and organized so they can accomplish more with less effort.

Windows 10 keeps getting better with the Fall Creators Update


Watch how Windows 10 delivers better outcomes

Bring out the best in students by providing a platform for collaborating, exploring, personalised learning and getting things done across all devices.

  • “Windows 10 digital inking feels like writing on paper.”

    Omnimundo in Antwerp, Belgium personalises learning to international students from 20+ countries using Windows 10 and OneNote.

  • “We’re using Microsoft technology to give our students the freedom to explore with a purpose.”

    Students are launching their futures with cloud-based solutions to boost college and career readiness at Brevard Public Schools. Read more

  • “I have to make sure we have as much net learning time as possible.”

    Watch what schools around the world say about implementing Windows 10, Office 365 Education and Windows Ink.

  • “We encourage agility with Windows 10.”

    Gymnasium Mödling Keimgasse in Austria deployed Windows 10 devices to create a better learning environment and give them more learning time each day.

  • “Without the technology, we’re leaving them behind.”

    Assistive technologies and Windows 10 let students learn in ways that work for them. See Nashwaaksis’ journey with inclusive education.


Read how classrooms use
Windows 10

IT admins and teachers share how Windows 10 digitally transforms classrooms around the world.

Curro scales education in South Africa with affordable Windows 10 devices managed with Intune for Education

“Intune lowers the load on technical staff and allows us to use normal educators to do custom device onboarding” - Riann Vlok, Head of IT, Curro Holdings


Escola Bosque in Brazil stays secure with Windows 10 in S mode

“The speed and performance in the classroom is the main feature for us. Students want faster responses from devices – they don’t want to wait for anything. With Windows 10 in S mode everything is faster, and our students are more engaged.” – Silvia Scurrachio, School Director, Escola Bosque, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Saratoga Springs School District deploys Microsoft Teams on Windows 10 devices, offering collaboration and security

“One of the reasons we chose Microsoft over Google was because a lot of folks were very concerned, and rightfully so, about student data privacy and the possibility that student data would be mined. From our own research, we felt that Microsoft was a safer solution.” – Lucas Manny, IT Specialist, Saratoga Springs School District


Colegio Centro Americano prepares students for a secure and productive future with Windows 10 in S mode devices in classroom

“As a teacher, I feel confident in the security and anti-virus safeguards built into Windows 10 in S mode. It's safer for my students than the tablets and iPads we were using previously. My students can only download Microsoft-verified apps from the Microsoft Store and we don't have to worry about a student accidentally downloading something they shouldn't.” – Lucrecia Higueros, Teacher, Colegio Centro Americano


Davidson Academy adopts Intune for Education to keep their Windows 10 devices updated and protected

"Intune's ability to manage remotely is great. I have had users lose their devices, or had their devices stolen. It's simple for me to track those devices from the Azure panel. To me that gives us a little bit of safety knowing that the information on that device is protected no matter what." - Craig Browning, IT Director, Davidson Academy, Tennessee, USA


Broward School District energises teaching and learning with IT platform transition

Broward upgraded to Windows 10 to enable collaboration and productivity across the district with Microsoft Office 365. Students and teachers now learn, share and discover in a robust, modern IT environment.

Read more

Global collaboration on Project Water transcends borders

“I estimate that my students have tripled their learning time because of the efficiencies of the Windows 10-based devices and Office 365.” —Olivier Dijkmans, Teacher, Omnimundo

Read more

Global collaboration on Project Water transcends borders.

“I estimate that my students have tripled their learning time because of the efficiencies of the Windows 10-based devices and Office 365.”

Read more

Texas school district delivers individualised learning with Windows 10–based laptops

“Having the Windows 10 laptops gives my students ownership of their learning and motivates them to create quality work.” - Meagan Jones, teacher at Wieland Elementary, Pflugerville Independent School District

Read more

Learn what teachers say about Windows 10

Read inspiring school stories about success with Microsoft Education.

  • “Windows 10 in the classroom is amazing for organising my lesson plans and classroom. I have improved the time I spent teaching by 30% weekly.”

    - Nam Ngo Thanh, Teacher, Vietnam Australia International School, Vietnam.

  • “Microsoft offers the best ecosystem for education. Windows Ink combined with Office 365 and OneNote Class notebooks enables our teachers to build and deliver incredible learning experiences.”

    - Kimberly Mecham, Director of Information & Communication Technology, St Thomas School Medina, Washington

  • The decision to choose Windows 10 rather than Chrome was very simple. Windows 10 is much better than Chrome. With Office 365 OneDrive, Skype, SharePoint integration Windows 10 makes our student's and teacher's lives easy in the classroom.

    - Toni Zarsaso, ICT Coordinator, Grupo Sorolla Educación, Spain

Education apps for Windows 10

There are thousands of education apps available for Windows. Find early-learning apps, study aids and even apps that will help you manage the classroom.


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1Devices must be configured for educational use by applying SetEduPolicies

2Battery life may vary significantly with usage and settings