Australian Schools: after the pivot

Redesigning the classroom for the future of hybrid learning.

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Together, we now have the opportunity to assess the new landscape and begin a learning journey that takes us to an entirely transformed experience for students – and for educators. This page has everything you need to help you deliver more positive educational outcomes for the future your students will inevitably build.


Microsoft is here to help your organisation evaluate your current environment and get an objective view of your response to the shift to virtual learning. Take stock of your digital tools and technologies to discover the way forward.


Practical advice, proven approaches. Take a deep dive into Microsoft Surface & Education solutions and hear from teachers, IT and school leaders about how we all can deliver better outcomes for schools and students.


Our global expertise and local partner network ensure we’re also well-placed to help you continuously accelerate the way you deliver educational outcomes.

Different modes of learning? Make sure you get the right device.

Ready to move forward with a device made for learning? Select from the family of Surface devices and transform how you deliver educational experiences.

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Evaluate: Let’s take stock

The onset of major global disruption pushed educators everywhere into what could best be described as ‘a digital scramble’.

Every last teacher worked tirelessly to pivot as quickly and as effectively as possible to meet the educational, social and support needs of their students. Every school leader became acutely aware of the need to also meet the expectations of parents and the investments they’re making in their children's education.

While the shift has largely been completed, every school and classroom fared a little differently. Discover where your organisation is sitting on the curve – and how to move forward.

Beyond the crisis: Navigating a digital future for Australian schools

This exclusive Evaluation guide is purpose built to help Australian educators assess their digital landscape.

Choose the scenario that best describes your journey to date:

  • Scenario 1: Device Disparity

    In the rapid shift to remote learning and digital classrooms, many educators discovered that technology became the new ‘lowest common denominator’. This immediately restricted the functionality, security and adaptability of the various environments teachers were able to deliver within.

    What to do now:

    1. Audit your technology landscape.
    2. Understand the limitations of your devices.
    3. Prioritise key actions to improve management and learning.

    Where to get started:

  • Scenario 2: Manual Processes

    From logging on to checking up, many IT departments were quickly forced into an endless game of ‘tech support catch up’ as outdated manual processes and a lack of remote management tools served to slow response times and also open up security risks.

    What to do now:

    1. Audit your bottlenecks and risks.
    2. Understand the limitations and risks of your infrastructure.
    3. Prioritise key actions to centralise processes and enable remote management.

    Where to get started:

  • Scenario 3: The Analogue gap

    Many educators have realised the enormous work required to ‘digitise’ the learning experience for many subjects. This presents an incredible opportunity to re-engineer a common set of lesson plans and resources that can work equally effectively in person or virtually.

    What to do now:

    1. Conduct workshops to map current limitations of digital platforms.
    2. Research technology solutions for long-term effective teaching and learning.
    3. Request expert recommendations for technologies, training and teaching.

    Where to get started:

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