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Microsoft K-12 Education Transformation Framework

A holistic and effective guide for education leaders to navigate the complexity of transformation, envision what’s possible and develop a strategy to achieve it.

Teaching & learning

Helping all students achieve their potential by taking a student-centred approach to explore all aspects of teaching and learning: curriculum, assessment, devices, and spaces with a focus on understanding and meeting the needs of all students.

Teaching & learning resources

Quick start guide

A simple introduction to modern teaching & learning and how it can be enabled by technology.

Student-centred learning research

A study by Pearson examining teaching actions that optimise the learner’s opportunity to learn.

Customer success stories

Browse through Microsoft K-12 ETF customer stories to read the most successful Leadership & Policy case studies.

Teaching & learning assessment

This course focuses on Modern Teaching and Learning aimed at school leaders looking to transform the teaching and learning practices within their school.

What’s modern teaching & learning all about?

Student-centred learning

Create a pedagogy inclusive of teaching and learning practices that are project and competency-based, collaborative, and require students to own their learning.

Curriculum & assessment

New forms of curriculum – whether project-based, personalised or competency driven – require new tools to access, customise, and assess progress for each student.

Devices for learning

Offer students multi-modal learning through voice, touch, and digital ink and increase their ability to retain information, generate new ideas, and use real-world software.

Learning spaces

Align spatial design with learning goals, so lesson plans drive the classroom setup, instead of the other way around and physical learning spaces are more flexible, collaborative, equitable, healthy, and inspiring.