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Join the program and you will be part of an exclusive cohort of Australian schools that are using Surface technology in innovative ways and displaying a truly future-focused commitment to teaching and learning.

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Access to Microsoft

The strategic partnership between Microsoft provides the Lighthouse School community with exclusive access to the latest product news, updates and industry insights from around the world.

Microsoft experts are always on hand for support, whether its technical help needed, work experience, or a tour of Microsoft headquarters in Redmond. The Lighthouse Schools are provided with unrivalled access to the Microsoft global network.

Connect with global educators

To be the best in class, educators need visibility to best practise from around the world.

Leveraging the global Microsoft community of educators, Surface Lighthouse Schools have access to share, learn and network with teachers, IT, students and industry experts, to have a clear view of what’s happening in classrooms, and how to best position their own institution to drive better outcomes for all.

Exclusive access to training and professional development

Surface Lighthouse Schools have exclusive access to special in-school or at Microsoft events to deliver teacher support, student adoption and/or open day activities to help the school promote its ICT strategy.

Teachers also have access to the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership programming for Teaching.

Membership levels and full benefits

Surface Lighthouse School

Surface Lighthouse Schools are part of an exclusive cohort of Australian schools that are using Surface technology in innovative ways, and displaying a truly future-focused commitment to teaching and learning.

✔ Microsoft promoting your school as a global example of best practice 21st teaching & learning.
✔ Early disclosure and product roadmap information regarding the future Surface family of devices, so you can continue to stay ahead of the curve.
✔ An invitation to attend the Surface Lighthouse School Leadership excursion, hosted by Microsoft.
✔ Access to exclusive Surface Lighthouse School events, Microsoft programs and offers.
✔ Inclusion in quarterly calls with Microsoft product specialists, and marketing support for your school.
✔ Access to student-focused programs such as Study Skills and Love your Laptop, as well as parent engagement programs including Raising Screenagers.
✔ Access to Microsoft experts for teacher, student and parent activities such as career day or school open days.
✔ Lighthouse marketing materials to promote your elite award on your own channels.
✔ Access to our dedicated monthly education.
✔ e-newsletter, with the best of Microsoft’s teaching and learning resources, the latest Surface news, exclusive promotions and access to training and events.

Surface Gold School

The recognition of becoming a Surface Gold School reflects the schools outstanding level of excellence in digital teaching and learning and it also reflects the ongoing commitment to students and to the future of learning in Australia. Our Gold School program is the entry level tier before receiving the Lighthouse School status.

✔ Access to Microsoft experts for teacher, student and parent activities such as career day or school expo.
✔ Gold school marketing materials to promote your Gold status on your own channels.
✔ Access to our dedicated monthly education e-newsletter, with the best of Microsoft’s teaching and learning resources, the latest Surface news, exclusive promotions and access to training and events.
✔ A listing on the Microsoft Surface website as a leading Microsoft Surface Gold School.
✔ A custom profile story about your school, published on the Microsoft website as a global example of best practice.

Surface Lighthouse Schools for 2021

Microsoft Surface Lighthouse Schools come in all shapes and sizes, and each has made a commitment to educational transformation and to improve learning outcomes for students. Read all about the institutions Microsoft selected to hero as the 2021 Surface Lighthouse Schools and learn from leading educators about what is driving the successful 21st Century teaching and learning practices within their schools.

Barker College (NSW)

Barker College is an independent Anglican co-educational PreK-12 school, located in Hornsby, NSW, Australia. Pedagogically sound technology underpins Barker as an institution of innovation and excellence, whilst also serving the lives of our community in new and inspiring ways that are fit for the future. It provides access to a worldwide audience, draws in information and ideas from beyond a student's culture, allows the ability for teachers and the learner to customise learning, and enables communication and learning anywhere, anytime.

Concordia College, Highgate (SA)

Concordia College seek to inspire young people to actively engage in lifelong learning, achieve their best and become global citizens who serve with an open heart. Information Technology is an essential component of Concordia College’s environment, ensuring staff and students have access to the latest digital resources and global information for teaching and learning. A key element of the school vision, in line with the philosophy of C21st learning, is that students should be empowered to learn anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Eltham College (VIC)

ELTHAM College believes school is a daring adventure where children learn to think for themselves, in preparation for a future of exciting possibilities. Technology is not something that is listed in the curriculum, or studied separately in a classroom, it is the conduit to unlock unlimited possibilities and permeates everything we do. Technology provides the mechanism to allow learners (teachers and students) in our school to activate, engage and develop new ideas and concepts.

Hale School (WA)

Hale School is a world-renowned Anglican day and boarding school in Perth Western Australia, offering comprehensive and tailored education experiences to boys from Pre-Primary to Year 12. The 1:1 Surface computer programme is recognised as an effective means to support the schools teaching and learning philosophy. Personal computers have facilitated active engagement in learning, with students having access to learning activities which are: more interactive and experiential; cater for different learning preferences; incorporate thinking skills at all stages of the curriculum; and are media rich, incorporating differing sensory modes.

St Joseph’s College Toowoomba (QLD)

The St Joseph’s values of Compassion, Respect, Endeavour and Dignity shape the culture of the College and become the underpinning basis from which to reflect and conduct ourselves in our everyday life, we call this "The Joey's Way". To facilitate the incorporation of digital technologies into the College, access to one to one Microsoft Surface devices for students and staff, robotics, coding, 3D printers and electronics are all part of the learning technology experience. Our Canvas Learning Management system provides a platform for students to become independent, self-manage and take responsibility for their own learning. St Joseph’s College prepares students for the digital world through skills in online literacy, online search and research skills, and technical resilience and resourcefulness.

Surface Gold Schools for 2021

Setting a higher standard in digital learning and literacy.

Oxley Christian College (VIC)

Oxley College is a coeducational school from pre-school to Year 12. The college has seen technology allow for flipped learning, differentiated learning, remote teaching and learning, flexible learning settings in classrooms and strategic approaches to education.

St Aloysius College (SA)

St Aloysius College established in 1880. It is a Reception to Yr12 college in the Adelaide CBD. Technology in schools is shifting from simple tools used in days of the data projector, to solutions that integrates with everything, and it is transforming teachers into active participants rather than just facilitators.

St Phillip’s College Alice Springs (NT)

St Philip's College is a private, coeducational school in Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory of Australia. St Philip's is a Uniting Church co-educational Boarding and Day School for students in Years 7 - 12. The school motto is 'To Strive, To Seek, To Care'. The use of Microsoft Surface devices for both students and teachers has given us the opportunity to streamline support, training and collaboration both in the classroom and at home. This was not possible using mixed technology model. We have seen significant improvement in the use of Microsoft applications and it's integration with our SMS and LMS.

Strathcona Girls Grammar (VIC)

Strathcona Girls Grammar is an Independent girls (ELC - Y12) school located in Melbourne inner east suburbs of Canterbury and Hawthorn. In 2020, Strathcona introduced a lab of Surface Studios. The integrated pen and adjustable screen allow our students to explore technology creatively through VR Game Development, 3D design, animation, digital painting and drawing. This creative use is supported by Office 365 and Teams, allowing our students to work collaboratively in digital spaces.

Toowoomba Grammar School (QLD)

For over 140 years, Toowoomba Grammar School has provided the highest quality of education and care for its students and is a premier boarding school for boys in Australia. The School has recently adopted Surface Laptops across all levels, has rolled out Teams for each class / subject across the entire campus, OneNote utilisation with staff and students for resource sharing, and adoption of Interactive Flat Panels with Microsoft Windows 10 in classrooms to allow full adoption of teaching style (in front or roaming) to suit the teacher. Additionally, an intranet portal exists for staff and students using SharePoint Online, and all administrative staff migrated from traditional file shares to SharePoint to allow flexible working arrangements and allowing the overhaul of manual processes through the adoption of Flow and Power Applications, in some departments becoming completely paperless in 2020.

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