Learn about what Microsoft is doing for providers

Challenges for providers

Health organisations are aiming to provide better care at lower costs and looking for technologies that help them achieve this at scale: 
  • Enhancing the patient experience
  • Enhancing the care team experience
  • Improving population health 
  • Reducing the per capita cost of care 

Reimagining healthcare requires more than digitising medical records and claims. We need “systems of insight” that analyse data to help predict and prevent health incidents, and “systems of engagement” that enable new ways to treat patients more quickly and more long-term.


The Microsoft approach

Microsoft cloud and AI solutions empower health organisations of all sizes to re-envision the way they bring together people, data, and processes to better enable personalised care, empower care teams, improve operational outcomes, and ultimately reimagine the way we do healthcare.

Deliver better care more securely

Provide the right information at the right time for patients and staff, by putting people at the centre and helping ensure the compliance, confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility or your data.

See how businesses are using Microsoft health solutions

  • Providence St. Joseph

    Providence St. Joseph health provides a personalised patient experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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  • Ochsner Health System

    Ochsner Health System: Preventing cardiac arrests with AI that predicts which patients will ‘code’.

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  • AiR Healthcare Solutions

    Outcome-based healthcare: Provider uses cloud-based population health management to expand new care model.

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  • Australian Government Department of Health

    Department of Health injects more clarity with Dynamics 365.

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