The psychology of workplace collaboration

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When was the last time you went more than a few hours into your workday without interacting with someone at your company?

If you’re like most of the workforce today, limited interactions are a rarity and collaboration is ongoing—especially with the core team.

The way your team communicates greatly impacts the performance of your employees and your organisation. In a fast-evolving business world, there is a growing need to move away from routine tasks and hierarchical decisions to a way of working that enables creative thinking in teams. It becomes easier to harness their creative power if you understand the psychology behind how people collaborate.

The psychology behind collaboration in the workplace can be tied back to the day-to-day interactions that take place at an organisation. How your employees interpret the work they do and the way they collaborate with others ultimately determines their success, investment, and engagement in the company. When your employees are engaged, your company wins.

The time we spend collaborating with others at work has increased by 50 percent in the past 20 years.

Our expectations for how and even why we work have evolved in recent years. We seek open, inclusive workspaces—both physical and digital—where we can share, connect, and be productive together. Increasingly, our colleagues may be outside our organisations, demographically diverse, geographically distributed, with different workstyles and preferences—all of which have implications for how we work. Here are four psychology based insights into the practice of collaboration, and what you can do as a business leader to create an environment that’s built for the way we now work.

4 secrets to employee motivation

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For a detailed view of the 4 secrets to employee motivation plus clear actions that as an employer you can implement, click here to download a free whitepaper.