Top productivity tips for your remote or mobile office

Working from a remote or mobile office offers greater flexibility and business agility. It’s not without its challenges, however. Self-motivation is critical. Take a look at how these additional top tips can help boost productivity. 

Mobile office basics 

A mobile office set-up can help you get work done on the go or in a temporary work location. There are many different types of mobile office. One person may use their car, whereas another may prefer to do their work at the kitchen table. People may even make a mobile or temporary office in a hotel room. 

Gallup reported 43% of all US employees work off-site for at least part of their time. Benefits of a mobile office include: 

  • Greater flexibility  
  • Better work-life balance 
  • Company cost savings  
  • Improved employee engagement 

One big reason people use mobile offices, though, is to get more done. There are more opportunities to do work. Time will be saved by eliminating your commute, because a mobile office lets you work wherever you are, whenever you want. Even if it’s just 30 minutes, that’s time you won’t need to spend working later. 

Working from a mobile office, you’ll need to have a decent laptop, a phone, chargers and a reliable internet connection. Also, you’ll t be able to access your business documents and software remotely thanks to a cloud storage.

Keeping things streamlined can enhance your productivity. It can also minimise distractions to increase your focus 

To enjoy all these time-saving, simplifying and life-improving benefits, you need an effective mobile or remote office. Here are several ways to boost productivity. 

Boosting productivity

Wherever your workspace, try these strategies to increase your efficiency and motivation. 

Get organised 

Don’t waste time and effort lugging around non-essentials. Step back and determine what you always need on hand to do your job. Store anything else that is needed for occasional use somewhere else. 

Next, organise essentials in a streamlined way. A cloud computing solution can pull together different applications in a single dashboard. Any important electronics and files should fit in one bag. File all your documents in your cloud storage for business.

Leverage technology 

With a virtual desktop, you can enjoy consistent access to the tools you use the most from wherever you are. Even on a mobile device, you can access the same desktop you’d see at your desk at head office.  

Business collaboration software lets you voice and video call or chat with colleagues or customers. You can also revise documents, brainstorm with whiteboards, share calendars, schedule meetings and more. 

Use an assistant 

You don’t need to hire someone else to work remotely. Get the advantages of a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence integrated with your Outlook software. 

Cortana is a virtual productivity assistant. Play My Emails in Outlook for iOS uses Cortana to manage your email and time commitments. Cortana can read inbox messages to you when you’re on the move or when you’re eyes and hands are busy doing other things. You can also delete, flag, respond and unread messages hands-free. Perfect for the remote office worker!  

Integrated with your Outlook calendar and contacts, Cortana also checks your schedule for conflicts or to create new events based on your emails. The interface is designed to help people stay organised, on top of what matters. 

You can also set Cortana to talk as a man or a woman. That may help combat the isolation of remote office work. At least there’s another human-like voice talking. It’s unlikely your dog or cat is holding up its end of the conversation… 

Manage expectations 

Speak with managers and colleagues about what to expect. You’ll want to be prepared in advance: 

  • How you’ll demonstrate progress 
  • When and how you can catch up with managers 
  • Expectations for team collaboration 
  • How flexible you can be in terms of business hours 

Some people enjoy the mobile or remote office because they can work wherever they want to, at odd hours. Others love their set-up, but want to work set office hours. 

Embrace time management 

Remote workers are alone so have to motivate themselves to get things done. Take time management seriously: 

  • Set clear objectives for the day 
  • Use a shared file storage and calendar or a project management software
  • Establish a set time when you will be available for calls 
  • Focus on results to gauge success  

Seek natural light 

Lighting may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Still, moving to an area with natural light makes a difference. Or get away from your computer and walk outside. The movement can inspire a fresh perspective. Getting some sunshine improves mood and helps you sleep better.  

Make the most of your mobile or remote office with these top tips to boost productivity. The more efficient you are, the more likely your employer will be to keep your remote working options open.  

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