The top 10 tips for getting more backlinks for your website

Learn how to build quality backlinks for your website. Do backlinks still work and what is the role of backlinks in SEO? View our tips and tricks.

Your website is the key to gaining new business, more customers and increases in sales. Sure, you have a FaceBook page, maybe a Twitter account or even YouTube site as well. But your official website is the most important aspect for any business. Improving your site ranking in search engines should be at the front of your mind with every new piece of content featured on your site. Unfortunately, this is something that can easily be overlooked with the hours we all have limited each day.    

One area that is worth concentrating your efforts on is that of ‘Backlinks’. The easiest way to explain this is to simply think of it as a link from one website to another. Search engines such as Bing, Yahoo! And Google use these backlinks to help rank the site. Essentially the more quality links the higher-ranking position in the search results page.  

As such your goal is to work on creating more backlinks to your own site. This will help with your search engine optimization (SEO) and in the long-term help gain more visits/clicks. The more backlinks from other sites the more credible yours will look to the search engines.  

There are plenty of tools that can be used to verify and monitor backlinks to your own site. These include Ahrefs, SEMRish, Google Search Console and many more. You can simply run a search and try one at a time to see the results generated. 

The basic process of building backlinks to your website can be viewed as…

  • Content worth linking – This could be an article, interview, video, podcast, product page, review or just about anything. As long as it is relevant to your customers. 
  • Finding relevant sites – You need to find other websites, blogs, review sites etc that could be interested in linking back to you. The key word here is “Relevant” 
  • Convincing these sites to link to you – This is the challenging part, but not entirely impossible.  

Your website most likely already has several pages with links that can already be utilized. If it’s brand new then this is a great opportunity to think about the process involved when created any new content with backlinks in mind.

Remember that the core goal with grasping backlinks and getting them to work effectively is that they come from “quality sites”. Don’t worry about trying to get hundreds or thousands of backlinks scattered throughout the web. Your goal needs to be simple…. Find links from quality, relevant and authoritative sites.

Before we dive into the methods to get more backlinks we have to discuss if this is really worth your time, energy and effort. Why bother when you could simply use social media, paid advertising, email newsletters or any other method to gain new business. The answer is simple in that backlinks are a key factor in your SEO. If a new customer searches for the relevant phrase, term or keywords then you want to make sure your site is at the top of the list. This will help ensure that.

Top ten tips to building backlinks to your site…

1) Unique, Creative, Quality Content – If you start by focusing on your own content that cannot be found anywhere else on the web then you will have a great edge over the competition. Ideally this content is something that other sites would want to link to organically without you having to even ask them. Just remember to make sure it is relevant to your business and offers something of value to the reader. Over time you will be surprised with how simple and effective this can be in generating these backlinks. 

2) Ultimate Guide Post – Think about creating a very long and detailed post that is considered an “Ultimate” guide. This can be several thousand words and be broken down into chapters or sub-headings. The key factor is that they will cover multiple aspects of any given topic. Maybe set yourself a goal of creating one every couple of weeks or month. 

3) Social Media Accounts – As you already have several social accounts for your business created you can simply make sure to add the appropriate links on these profiles. You would be surprised at just how many businesses either forget or do not update this. Remember that every new post should be shared on these channels as well. 

4) Top Ten, How To, Guide, Lists, Why POSTS – It is a great idea to have an ongoing pool of ideas that can be repeated each week or month. This will help give you fresh new content whilst staying within the same theme. As such you create posts with similar headings but focusing on a new product, service, individual etc. Remember to use video content and photos as well. You will be surprised that these simple posts may have the highest number of backlinks.    

5) Exclusive Content – One very simple and easy area to focus on is exclusive content that cannot be found anywhere else. Perhaps this could be an interview with the CEO, or maybe Q&A with the Director. Even an official press release about a new partnership can be useful. Ideally if a blogger, influencer, reporter or anyone else was searching for this content then the only place to find it first would be here.

6) Be our Guest – Remember that you always have the opportunity to be a guest for other blogs or websites. Finding these sites that may be relevant and of interest should be easy with a quick search. Simply contact the admin/owner and see if they are interested in a featured post from you. In return a couple of links back to your site and in the signature will be surprisingly effective. 

7) Be Active – This is something you have to set time for all the time. It is not a simple set and forget at the start unfortunately. Remember to keep searching, creating and working on new ways to generate these backlinks with everything you do. 

8) Work with Influencers – If you are already working with influencers you can simply contact them and ask if they can share your article on their own site and social pages. Again, the key to remember here is that it has to be relevant to them as well. They also may want something in return either in the form of payment, products or some other service your business offers.

9) Interviews – You can easily interview influencers, the CEO, developers, staff members and even your customers. This helps generate more unique content again and more importantly will help generate more backlinks from different sources. 

10) Consistency is Key – By having a weekly or monthly schedule you can create a content calendar that can be used specifically with thinking of content for backlinks. You can already imagine that by sticking to this format and creating content on a regular basis how much new traffic should be possible to your site. 
Remember that one high quality backlink is likely to be more effective than thousands of lower quality ones. So, work at a variety of methods that work best for you and simply repeat them going forward.

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