Microsoft Managed Desktop

Take strategic control of your modernization journey with end-to-end device management and security monitoring. Focus on your organization’s digital transformation while keeping everyone productive, secure, and up-to-date.

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Deliver a fantastic device experience

Delight users with modern devices that boot in seconds and fuel productivity and collaboration. Here's how you can secure devices without compromising user experience.

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See why enterprises love Microsoft Managed Desktop

Drive value across your organization by keeping devices secure and up to date with Microsoft Managed Desktop. Brad Anderson, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, breaks it down in this video.

Get modern and stay modern

Digital transformation is a journey – but Microsoft Managed Desktop could be your shortcut. Here's what you need to get there.

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Microsoft Managed Desktop overview

Microsoft 365

Harness the power of our latest productivity, security, and management tools including:
Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 apps for enterprise
Azure AD, Intune
Windows Autopilot
Microsoft Threat Protection

Managed by Microsoft

Optimized for user experience, device security, and automatic updates:

Cloud-based device management
Intelligent security monitoring
Automatic security updates
A fast, agentless, battery-preserving user experience

Partner solutions

Make your journey to modern management even easier with partner solutions that complement Microsoft Managed Desktop:


Certified modern devices
End-user support
 Line-of-business (LOB) app management
Customer readiness
Deployment support
Value-added services

More about Microsoft Managed Desktop

Embracing change

Lloyds Banking Group Director of Engineering Simon Bullers talks about the company’s journey to modern management.

“We needed more flexibility and portability.”

Microsoft Managed Desktop has made it easier for IT to deliver better service. " – Scot Munro, Infrastructure Architect of SA Power Networks.​

By the numbers

35% fewer help desk calls about device issues. 90% less time to set up new users. Forrester details the total economic impact of Microsoft Managed Desktop.

Getting started

Find out what you need to get started with Microsoft Managed Desktop.

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