Empowering Firstline Workers with Microsoft Teams

Firstline Workers are the backbone of your business. Teams is the hub for teamwork that connects everyone on a single platform.

Two workers talking while looking at a mobile phone.

Empower your shift workers

More than two billion Firstline Workers are at the forefront of many industries. Empower them with Teams.

Tailor the experience

Use app setup and permission policies to create a customized experience.

Create new feedback loops

Make real-time decisions based on what’s happening on the ground.

One single hub for teamwork

Make Teams the go-to place for your Firstline Workers’ job-related needs.

Two mobile devices, one shows an incoming call on Walkie Talkie, one shows a chat list with channels.

Keep your team connected in dynamic environments

Enable team communication with Walkie Talkie (coming soon), one-on-one and group chat, video calls, and more.

Simplify the task management process

Easily distribute tasks from headquarters, and reduce the burden on managers to assign and track tasks for their teams.

A mobile device screen shows a tasks list by team and a laptop screen shows published lists organized by team name
Two mobile devices, one shows a video, the other shows content from an employee handbook.

Make training employees easy

Store resources such as onboarding policies, job-related guides, and video content in Teams.

Optimize business processes

Use first-party apps such as Shifts to build integrations with your workforce management system. Provide access to your line of business apps for a customized Teams experience.

Two mobile devices, one shows "your shifts” screen and the other shows an inventory screen
Two mobile devices, one shows a message alerting the worker that they’re not authorized to proceed while off shift. The other shows a scanner tool app menu open.

Streamline identity and access management

With identity and access capabilities coming soon, it’s easy to roll out Teams to your Firstline Workers.

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Firstline Worker resources

Get admin guidance

Easily set up your Firstline Workers in Teams with admin guidance.

Manage Shifts

Learn how to roll out Shifts to your Firstline Workforce.

Learn to use Shifts

Watch training videos to learn more about using Shifts.


Firstline Workers are typically service- and task-oriented workers who operate in shift-based schedules—for example, a customer support representative who assists customers or a factory worker on a manufacturing floor. Firstline Workers are the backbone of your business.

The Firstline Worker capabilities are available in all commercial offerings. Some of these capabilities are not available in the free version of Teams or Government offerings.

Learn more about empowering your Firstline Workforce with Teams here.

Effective October 2019, Microsoft StaffHub was retired. StaffHub capabilities are being built into Teams. Learn more

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