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Do more good and create more impact with Office 365.
Office 365 Nonprofit

Get Microsoft 365 Business free

Securely run and grow your nonprofit with an integrated solution purpose built for small and midsized organizations.

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Get the tools your nonprofit needs to succeed

Empower staff and volunteers to succeed with the dynamic set of tools included in our Office 365 Nonprofit plans. Provide team members with free email and online document editing and storage. And with video conferencing, instant messaging, and your own Yammer site, you can bring teams together from around the world.

Accomplish more in the cloud

Deliver a best-in-class cloud productivity experience to help staff and volunteers work together in exciting new ways. Access your board reports and grant applications anywhere, anytime, with online storage and remote file sharing. Office 365 gives you the flexibility to work in online versions of the familiar Office applications or purchase a plan that includes the latest versions to install across PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.
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Security, compliance, and privacy

Office 365 is the first major cloud-based productivity service to use security frameworks based on ISO 27001 standards verified by an independent auditor. Office 365 contractually commits to a robust Data Processing Agreement, the EU model clauses, and a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement to all customers. No need to worry about security on mobile devices either. You can use the built-in tools to manage access to data across phones and tablets.


Designed to help nonprofits and NGOs do more good, this global offering provides eligible customers with access to Office 365, Microsoft’s best-in-class cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools. Nonprofits can learn more, check their eligibility, and apply for a donation by visiting

  1. Register with the Microsoft Nonprofits program.
  2. If eligibility is confirmed, Office 365 Nonprofit offers will become available in the Office 365 admin portal.
  3. Go to the License Management tab in the admin portal to assign your users to any of the Office 365 Nonprofit offers, including the donated E1 and Business Essential offers.

Yes. A customer that has become eligible for Office 365 Nonprofit offers can purchase both commercial and nonprofit offers going forward.

Nonprofit customers should use the standard support channel for Office 365. Details on Office 365 support options are available here.

Eligible Organizations: Nonprofits and non-governmental organizations must be recognized as charitable organizations in their respective countries in order to be eligible for Microsoft Nonprofit Programs. Eligible organizations must also operate on a not-for-profit basis and have a mission to benefit the local community that could include but is not limited to:
  • Providing relief to the poor
  • Advancing education
  • Improving social welfare
  • Preserving culture
  • Preserving or restoring the environment
  • Promoting human rights
  • Establishing civil society
For a detailed explanation of eligibility criteria and links to country specific eligibility criteria, visit the Eligibility page.

Microsoft works with its software donation partner TechSoup Global to determine if a nonprofit fits its broad eligibility requirements. We strive to make eligibility determinations as quickly as possible, and the process can take up to 20 business days. This timeframe can vary depending on nonprofit responsiveness to requests for additional documentation. Required documentation may include the certification or registration provided the nonprofit’s governing body. For example, in the U.S. we require a copy of the IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter.

Nonprofit offers are intended only for paid nonprofit employees, and unpaid full-time equivalent (FTE) staff who have material day-to-day managerial, operational, and fiduciary responsibilities, and who will not use the license for personal income generation. Volunteers, members and beneficiaries of the nonprofit are NOT eligible for nonprofit licenses and subscriptions.

The donation Office 365 Nonprofit E1 offer does have a cap on the number of users you can assign. To assign additional licenses beyond the cap, you need to delete inactive users or contact Support to request additional licenses for your eligible employees and FTE staff.