Brooklyn's Finest
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Eddie, unhappily married and seeking refuge in whiskey and a young prostitute named Chantel, is a 20 year veteran of the force. With seven days to retirement, he's been asked to train some new recruits. For Eddie this is the one last chance to redeem an unrealized life and career. Narcotics branch cop Sal is in his twelfth year on the job. Struggling to make ends meet for his pregnant wife and their five children, he hopes to build them a dream home no cop could ever afford. Sal's about to put everything on the line to pursue his dream. Tango has spent the last three years working undercover with drug dealers and killers, including 9 months in prison. More gangster than officer he wants his life, and his wife, back before it's too late. His chance comes with a promotion he's been desperately wanting, but it means he will have to take action that could push him over the edge - take down his best friend Caz. Eddie, Sal and Tango may have never met. But now a major operation to clean up an organized drug ring will lead three of BROOKLYN'S FINEST, on their own separate paths of violence and corruption, into the same fatal crime scene.


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Antoine Fuqua


Roadshow Entertainment

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2 h 12 min




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