The pandemic has accelerated the trend towards personalised, accessible, student-centred learning. Without being restricted to a traditional classroom structure, teachers and students have been able to tailor the curriculum to their own unique needs.

How do we successfully reskill and upskill Australia for a disrupted tomorrow?

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Microsoft Australia’s Reimagine Report

Reinventing education: The future of education in Australia after COVID-19

Microsoft Australia’s Reimagine Report on Reinventing education takes a deeper look at the implications of our entire education sector transitioning to digital overnight. Did we witness the end of static, one-size-fits-all learning? How can the education sector use technology to help students – and newly unemployed adults – get the skills they need to thrive?


Reshaping Australia Dialogue
Edition 4: Reinventing education

Australian Financial Review Event Series Presented by Microsoft

Australia’s response to COVID-19 has radically accelerated shifts that were already occurring, such as the growth of online learning and micro-credentialling. On 10 September, Sanjay Sarma, Vice President for Open Learning at MIT, led a compelling discussion about what the future of learning looks like from here.

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Prof Sanjay Sarma

Vice President Open Learning MIT

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An image of Mark Scott

Mark Scott

Secretary, NSW Dept of Education

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An image of Sara Caplan posing for the camera

Sara Caplan

CEO, Skills for Australia, PwC

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An image of Steven Joyce smiling for the camera

Steven Joyce

Chair, Australian Govt Skills Expert Panel

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An image of Professor Margaret Gardner

Professor Margaret Gardner

President and Vice-Chancellor, Monash University

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Microsoft Australia’s Reimagine Report Series

Following every Reshaping Australia Dialogue, Microsoft Australia has released a deeper dive report on the critical aspects of each topic. In our final report in the series, we outline seven steps we believe businesses and government organisations can take to give Australia it’s best chance of emerging from this crisis more prosperous, more resilient and more inclusive.

Download final report here Find out more about each topic