Overnight, the pandemic consigned the 9-5, Monday-to-Friday working week to history. Our most fundamental assumptions about how we work have been be forever altered. To foster better work-life balance we need to build secure, productive, remote offices fit for a more flexible future.

What are the new working models that will bring out the best in everyone?

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Reimagine Security

Today’s security landscape has evolved into a jumbled mix of security solutions, making it challenging to manage security and respond to threats effectively. At the same time malicious cyber activity is increasing in frequency, scale, and sophistication throughout Australia. Find out how businesses can stay protected in this changing environment.

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Microsoft Australia’s Reimagine Report

Rethinking work: Reimaging our workforce for a transformed future

Microsoft Australia’s Reimagine Report on Rethinking work will take a deeper look at how our core assumptions about what work looks like have been overturned in a few short months. How will we use these lessons to create more flexible ways of working, and what new skills will we need to thrive in the digital office?


Reshaping Australia Dialogue
Edition 3: Rethinking work

Australian Financial Review Event Series Presented by Microsoft

How will COVID-19 and the growth of artificial intelligence change the way we work? The notion of “remote everything” is changing the future of work, jobs and talent. On 27 August, Bridget Loudon, founder of Expert360, newly appointed Board Director at Telstra and one of Australia’s Top 100 Women of Influence led a provocative discussion on how workplaces, workspaces and workforces will be shaped into the future.

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Bridget Loudon

Founder and CEO at Expert360

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Andy Penn

CEO, Telstra

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An image of Balder Tol smiling for the camera

Balder Tol

GM Australia, WeWork

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Athalie Williams

Chief People Officer, BHP

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Melinda Cilento


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Microsoft Australia’s Reimagine Report Series

Following every Reshaping Australia Dialogue, Microsoft Australia has released a deeper dive report on the critical aspects of each topic. In our final report in the series, we outline seven steps we believe businesses and government organisations can take to give Australia it’s best chance of emerging from this crisis more prosperous, more resilient and more inclusive.

Download final report here Find out more about each topic