Health is at the heart of this crisis and delivering better health outcomes for all Australians is central to the world we’re reimagining. It’s going to demand personalised patient treatment and accelerated clinical research. It’s going to rely on fast, evidence-based decision-making structures. And it’s going to depend upon getting the right technology into the right hands.

How will we transform Australian healthcare for a post pandemic world?

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Microsoft Australia’s Reimagine Report

Revaluing health: Transforming healthcare for a post-pandemic world

Microsoft Australia’s Reimagine Report on Revaluing health takes a deeper look at the most radical transformation of the healthcare industry in living memory. Will we revalue our frontline healthcare workers? How will we use technology to accelerate research and deliver personalised treatment? How do we get the right technology into the right hands at the right time?


Reshaping Australia Dialogue
Edition 5: Revaluing health

Australian Financial Review Event Series Presented by Microsoft

The crisis has shown that widespread telehealth delivery and other changes are not only feasible but effective. What’s here to stay and what will our health system look like in five years time? On 17 September, Dr. Bertalan Meskó from The Medical Futurist Institute and Semmelweis Medical School led a provocative discussion on what the future of healthcare will hold post the pandemic.

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An image of Dr. Bertalan Meskó

Dr. Bertalan Meskó

Director, Medical Futurist Institute

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An image of  Prof Kerryn Phelps

Prof Kerryn Phelps

GP & Councillor, City of Sydney

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An image of Craig Drummond

Craig Drummond

CEO, Medibank

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An image of Peter Faulkner

Peter Faulkner

CEO, Bendigo Health

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An image of Elizabeth Koff

Elizabeth Koff

Secretary, NSW Health

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Microsoft Australia’s Reimagine Report Series

Following every Reshaping Australia Dialogue, Microsoft Australia has released a deeper dive report on the critical aspects of each topic. In our final report in the series, we outline seven steps we believe businesses and government organisations can take to give Australia it’s best chance of emerging from this crisis more prosperous, more resilient and more inclusive.

Download final report here Find out more about each topic