Crispin Glover

Actor, Director

20/04/1964 (57 years old) New York, New York, United States

American actor Crispin Glover, son of actor and drama coach Bruce Glover, debuted on-stage at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles at age 14 in The Sound of Music. He made his feature-film debut four years later in My Tutor (1982). Glover is known for his peculiar acting style that includes nearly whispered speech punctuated by small karate-like gesticulations. His breakthrough came in the role of the wimpy, nerdy father, George McFly, in Robert Zemeckis' Back to the Future (1985), after which he landed increasingly important roles. Glover's reputation as an eccentric was partly borne out of his personal editing and republishing of books such as Rat Catching (a modernized version of a 100-year-old text to which he added new pictures of mutilated rats) and the equally strange Concrete Inspection. But despite his disturbing eccentricities, Glover has been considered by some to be one of the more original and intense actors of his generation.

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