Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard

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The Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard provides comfortable typing, a built-in trackpad and customisable media hotkeys.

Person using the Microsoft All in One Keyboard in a living room.

It's right at your fingertips

With a full-size keyset and integrated multi-touch trackpad, the All-in-One Media Keyboard is just right for your living room or home office. Customisable media hotkeys put the web and your favorite media at your fingertips. It’s also durable and connects wirelessly to your PC via a small USB transceiver.

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Good Value

Bought it for use in living room to control media pc instead of separate keyboard and mouse I was using. Does the job though the track pad can be a little unresponsive at times compared to say a laptop track pad. Keys are great, no issue with connectivity, overall very happy with it.




Good keyboard for a Media Center PC

I have been using this keyboard for a while now on my Windows 7 Media Center PC. The keyboard is well made and feels solid but weighted just right. I also have a **competitor's** keyboard like this but it feels flimsy compared to the Microsoft one. There are some minor issues but I'm still more than happy to recommend this; the default for the F4 function key is sleep so if you accidentally press, it puts your PC into sleep. It can be customised though so it's not a big issue. Just make sure you install the Mouse and Keyboard Center software. It would be good if Microsoft also developed a Windows 8/10 app like they do for the Arc Touch Mouse. Also, the track pad is mostly responsive but if you're just out of range of the receiver, it's a little flaky. I have my Media Center PC about 3 meters away and the receiver is at the back of the chassis but the responsiveness is usually fine as long as there are charged batteries in the keyboard (I'm using Eneloops without issue). I would've liked a little bit more range (maybe 5-10m). This is definitely the keyboard to get a for a media centre or the like. You probably wouldn't use this as a work keyboard. I haven't tried typing a Word document on it.




Unusable Touchpad...

I have no clue why peripheral vendors continue this unusable idea of having the mouse buttons part of the touchpad area. After years of laptop use and resting a finder on the mouse button on a touchpad suddenly vendors think it is 'trendy' and care more about looks than function and decided to include the keys as part of the touchpad. Anytime I attempt to click on anything I send the mouse halfway across the screen... Unusable rubbish. No reason for this.





A handy little keyboard/trackpad, used portably between PCs; good tactile feel to keys. Works well. Meets my needs as an additional input to a primary keyboard and mouse. Styling is OK but leans towards practical/durable. Arguably there are slimmer, or more premium looking media keyboards around. Overall, a good product and maybe even 5-Stars at promotional pricing, however not easy to recommend at full retail.





I bought this keyboard over the weekend but clearly didn't research carefully enough. Although it is a media keyboard, it is lacking some basic functionality that is standard on keyboards and very useful when typing more than a few words such as the end, home, insert and print screen buttons. Furthermore, you cannot lock the FN key so are stuck with holding it to access the F keys. If you need them regularly it is annoying. I have installed the Microsoft mouse and keyboard software and can confirm these options are not customisable.



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