Microsoft Complete Accident Protection for Surface Book

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Accidents happen, and when they do, keep running for two full years with extended protection and accidental damage coverage for your Surface Book, plus unlimited software support—all in one.[2]

Your Surface Book is oops-proof
Accidents happen, and that’s okay. With Complete for Surface Book, you get two years of accidental damage protectioneven from drops and spills.1

No more "what if"
Get Complete for Surface Book and you never have to worry about “what if.” The plan provides peace of mind for a full two years for accidents, product malfunctions, and technical support whenever you need it.2

Microsoft technical expertise
We designed your Surface Book, the operating system, your productivity suite and so many of the applications that you use. No one knows your Surface Book better than Microsoft.

Software support included
Enjoy personalised Answer Desk support and training sessions, whether you’re at home or on the go. A Microsoft expert can help with software questions or walk you through how to back up important information to the cloud.

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Bought but have not used this facility and never really understood my entitlements. I read the T&Cs and remain confused. The advertising claims that it is accident covered,'Oops proof' but the T&Cs contradict this and exclude accidental coverage. You would need to download the standard coverage as well to see what you were actually adding to your original entitlement. Mostly, it would appear to just add another year. If you bought Office 365 then you get software support for that anyway so there really isn't much left. My Surface Dock was the only thing that I needed insurance for, the first one MS gave me could not drive my monitors, but this was not covered. Before purchasing download everything, print it out and have a good think about what you are getting for rather a lot of money. I also bought a think called MS Azure and not even the tech support could tell me what that did. Just be careful and do your due diligence.





it is helpful for my microsoft surface book. I like it




Great Overall

It was amazing at first, windows 10 still needs some work can be buggy at sometimes. The features were excellent, love the power of the surface book. I wish it came with a screen wiper just because of how the screen collects finger prints when using the touch. I still don't understand the Accident Protection for the surface book I didn't know if it was supposed to come with it in hard copy or it was registered on line or something like that anyway really happy just to walk around and have it at school really sleek looking design Microsoft did a excellent job!, and they should consider making gaming laptops.



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[1] Hardware coverage is underwritten by AMTrust and described here.

[2] Complete for Surface Book is available for Surface Book devices and must be purchased at the time of the device purchase. Complete for Surface Book covers two full years from purchase on both software and hardware. Two claims are allowed within the two-year warranty period, each subject to an excess fee. For service plan support, please visit