Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate Edition includes the full game of Forza Horizon 3, Early Access, the Forza Horizon 3 Car Pass, VIP Membership and cars, Forza Hub App, and the Motorsport All-Stars Car Pack, which gives you the chance to take 10 of the hottest modern race cars off the track and out on the open road! THIS IS YOUR HORIZON You’re in charge of the Horizon Festival. Customize everything, hire and fire your friends, and explore Australia in over 350 of the world’s greatest cars. Make your Horizon the ultimate celebration of cars, music, and freedom of the open road. How you get there is up to you. EXPLORE AUSTRALIA, HORIZON’S LARGEST WORLD EVER Drive through the vast desert and rocky canyons of the Outback to lush, wild rainforests, and to the sandy beaches and gleaming skyscrapers of Australia's Gold Coast. CHOOSE FROM OVER 350 OF THE WORLD’S GREATEST CARS Every car is recreated with ForzaVista™ detail including full cockpit views, working lights and wipers, and new vehicle types bringing all-new driving experiences never before seen in Forza. DISCOVER THRILLING NEW DRIVING GAMEPLAY Danger Sign Jumps, Convoys, and Drift Zones are just some of the exciting new driving challenges that await you. Star in Thrilling Showcase events that pit you and your car against a fleet of powerboats, even a giant zeppelin! HIRE AND FIRE FRIENDS You’re the boss. Hire your friends’ Drivatars to help you gain fans and expand your festival, and form Convoys with them to explore the world even when they’re not online. If they’re not winning you fans, fire them! CUSTOMIZE EVERYTHING Horizon Blueprint gives you the power to modify every aspect of race events, championships, and Bucket List challenges – and instantly challenge friends to beat you at your own game. Choose your driver character, create custom paint jobs and vanity license plates, add new body kits – even select your own car horn sound. DRIVE TO THE MUSIC YOU LOVE Choose from eight diverse radio stations, or create a custom station from your own music collection. START AN ONLINE DRIVING ADVENTURE Online 4-Player Co-op allows you and your friends to experience the variety, competition, and rewards of a Horizon campaign together for the first time. PLAY THE AUCTION HOUSE Find rare cars and incredible works of art by the most talented creators in the Forza Community. Features may vary between Xbox One and Windows 10 versions of game. Xbox One game disc for use only with Xbox One systems. Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately) required for online multiplayer on Xbox One. Cross-device play only in Xbox Live-supported countries, see Some music features may not be available in some countries. See

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Xbox One

Xbox One




  • Co-op Online- 2 to 4 players
  • Multiplayer Online- 2 to 12 players
  • Cross Platform Multiplayer

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These only apply to PC and phones.
OS Windows 10
OS Windows 10

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Microsoft Studios

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Racing & flying

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    Mild Coarse Language

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Platform: PC


needs an offline mode cant even play my own game I bought unless I have the net connected. and the annoying cars racing every where, oh and needs better reply cameras. other than the crashes to desktop and crashes from losing connection great game.




Platform: PC

thing's are starting to improve

that latest patch has sorted out much of the threading issues by the looks of it, and has removed ~98% of the stuttering etcetera making the game tolerable at last :D great game. it's fun, and the graphical fidelity is absolutely amazing! it's just a shame that it was released in such a broken state

5 out of 5 people found this helpful.



o SneekyNuts o

Platform: Xbox


THE GRAPHICS AND LANDSCAPE ARE OUTSTANDING I LOVE IT wish you could play your own music though

8 out of 9 people found this helpful.



kyall 40cal

Platform: Xbox


This game is the best for off-roading, racing in the outback, aussie cars and more than 350 vehicles to choose from!!

13 out of 14 people found this helpful.




Platform: PC

Awesome game but no V.I.P for PC

I am really enjoying this game the only problem is I paid for the Ultimate edition for PC only to find out that none of the DLC works. Every time I try and access the DLC it is asking me to pay for it again! Is there some way we can get our money back for the DLC or have confirmation that it will be available a little later on? I feel a bit robbed while doing wheel spins knowing that I should be getting double the credits! Please fix this for us. I will be happy to change my rating if this is addressed and fixed. :)




Some nice Aussie icons

As I mentioned before in a previous review, I had ALOT of difficulty finding a download link. MS Technical support elevated my case to a level 5 technician as long as I was happy to pay $299 for a yearly subscription for the support I would only ever use once in order to play the game. The level 2 tech advised that some of the services that are required for the game to install were stopped. Managed to fix all the services (reset them all to Windows default) and did not fix my issue. I spent over 6 hours trying to find a download link. Eventually found a way though, obviously. No thanks to MS. The process to get the game is an absolute headache, and would have expected better service considering the hefty $130 something I payed for the game. Thanks to those that helped a little. I can say the headache was almost worth it. The game is excellent and it's really nice to see some old Aussie cars in the game. Graphics are really nice, but keep getting a low video memory notification. Annoyin




Platform: Xbox

I Recommend It Great Game

The Nature,cars,roads,culture is extremely accurate to real life Australia.Great Game really do recommend buying it.I also love the features that you guys have added.But it does feel the same as the other Forza Horizons which doesn't really matter and there are no kangaroos in freeroam mode.Besides that the game is awesome and i really enjoy all the Forza Horizons.And also they should add some wildlife in the game.

8 out of 9 people found this helpful.




Platform: PC

Vip Bonus Play Anywhere broken on PC why!!

So if I am getting all the required bonuses on the Xbox, why do I not get them when I take up the Play Anywhere feature. Ultimate Owned and Installed and Windows 10 thinks the passes are not paid for in game. Great gaem, looks great, crashes too often and bugs with Play Anywhere make this release a fiasco.




Platform: PC

Great for a couple of hours

Quite a fun and interesting game when it is playable, however unfortunately even meeting the system requirements and playing on the lowest graphical settings the game does not work well on PC, few crashes during the first zone but now completely and utterly unplayable after completing a few events in the second zone. Crashes constantly at the initial loading screen, or when exiting the festival site or attempting to move through the festival menu screen. Game might be playable in some time however I recommend PC players hold their cash until the game is announced to be actually playable.

One person found this helpful.




Platform: PC

PC master race gets access

After all the years of listening to people say how great Forza is I finally get to play it on my PC the way it should be played, for downloading it that was a task to find soon enough I went to store clicked manage and it directed me to my games library where I could install it, not easiest system to work with but got there in the end. A lot money I have thrown into this game but I believe it will be worth it



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