Microsoft Edge

The faster, safer browser designed for Windows 10.

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Microsoft Edge showing a Bing search screen
  • Longer battery life.

    Don’t just stream. Binge watch. When streaming HD video, Microsoft Edge lasts up to 19% longer than Chrome1.

  • Faster than Google Chrome.

    Don’t slow your mojo. Microsoft Edge is up to 48% faster than Chrome and 32% faster than Firefox2. Enjoy faster page loads, your online destinations are only a blink of an eye away.

  • Safer than Google Chrome.

    Don’t surf with sharks. Protect yourself from phishing attacks.3 And when combined with Windows Defender, you can trust that your PC is safer with antivirus protection that’s built-in to Windows 10.

Designed to help you focus on what matters

We built a browser from the ground up that is clean, modern, easy to use and puts your content front and centre.

Microsoft Edge tab preview

Don’t settle for tab chaos. Organise your web.

Microsoft Edge offers easy tools for previewing, grouping and saving web page tabs. You can quickly find, manage and open tabs you had set aside without leaving the page you are on.5 6

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Microsoft Edge instant answers

Don’t just search. Find it faster.

Get thousands of answers, right in your address bar. Just type to get instant results for weather reports, measurements, conversions, sports scores and more.

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Microsoft Edge hub showing favorites

Don’t just wonder. Manage your favourites in one place.

Use the Hub for quick and easy access to all of your favourite sites, reading list, history, recent downloads and more.

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Go beyond browsing

Today, a browser should do more than browse. Every click, swipe and search should move you forward. Microsoft Edge helps you stay one step ahead.

Microsoft Edge with Cortana

Don’t just wonder. Discover.

Discover more about any subject without leaving the web page you’re on. Just use a simple right-click to ask Cortana4, your built-in personal assistant.

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Microsoft Edge with ink, notes and sharing

Don’t just share links. Share inspiration.

Type notes or write directly on any web page and share them instantly. Enjoy Microsoft Edge with built-in inking and sharing.

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Microsoft Edge reading view

Don't just read. Clear away the clutter.

Enjoy Microsoft Edge with distraction-free reading, when you want it. You can also save an article to read later or when you’re on the go.

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1 Battery life: Based on average times. Battery life varies significantly with settings, usage and other factors. Read here for more details.

2 Speed: Based upon Jetstream 1.1 benchmark. Read here for more details.

3 Security: Based on NSS report.

4 Cortana available in selected markets; experience may vary by region and device.

5 App and content availability vary by region.

6 Available with the Windows 10 Creators Update, which includes new innovations, features and security capabilities. To ensure the best experience, the update rolls out via auto-updates when your PC is ready. Or if you want to get the update now, download the Update Assistant.

* Latest update of Windows required. See here for details.