Immerse yourself in a new reality

Windows Mixed Reality offers more than 2,500 games and VR experiences available from Steam®VR and the Microsoft Store.9


A wide range of epic experiences

Discover a large, evolving catalogue of experiences: immersive and casual games, travel, 360° videos, creativity, social, live events and more. Find yourself at the centre of everything.1

Windows Mixed Reality Apps

A variety of headsets to choose from

Family of Mixed Reality headsets

Explore Windows Mixed Reality headset innovation

A new perspective awaits. Click on the headset to see.

Windows Mixed Reality setup and portability

Easiest set-up & portability

Set-up and get started in 10 minutes. Inside-out tracking is built right into each headset - no external set-up required. Experience new worlds at home or anywhere you want. Wherever your devices go, Windows Mixed Reality follows.1 2

Windows Mixed Reality Cliff House start menu

A better experience, only on Windows 10

Only Windows gives you a virtual home to move around in, rooms to customise with movies, apps, games and holograms, and a digital assistant who responds to your voice.4 “Hey Cortana, go to Start."

Intel 8th gen chip technology

Superior technology and innovation

Powered by the latest 8th gen Intel® Core™ processors, Windows Mixed Reality-ready PCs range from lightweight and portable, to gaming powerhouses.3

Everything you need to get started

Plug your pick of headsets into a Windows Mixed Reality-ready PC, and you’re off to amazing experiences. To see if your current PC is Windows Mixed Reality-ready, download the latest Windows 10 update and then run the Windows Mixed Reality PC Check app.1

Windows Mixed Reality.

Windows Mixed Reality-ready PCs

Powered by the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processors, all Windows Mixed Reality-ready PCs give you a vivid, exhilarating experience.4

Windows Mixed Reality head-mounted displays (HMDs)

Immersive headsets

Choose your lightweight, comfortable and top-tier headset. We’ve partnered with the most innovative hardware brands - pick the one that’s right for you.

Windows Mixed Reality Motion Controllers

Motion controllers

Directly tracked by your headset sensors, no wall markers required. Responsiveness is natural, in-sync with your movements and control is accurate - all with built-in tools.

The largest variety of immersive headsets, the choice is yours

Select from several affordable, lightweight, beautifully-designed headsets. The second you put yours on, get ready to visit new worlds again and again.5

Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Windows Mixed reality badge

Look for the badge

The best way to experience Windows Mixed Reality is with a new Windows Mixed Reality-ready PC. You’ll enjoy crisp realistic movement, immersive visuals and spatial audio. For the most vivid graphics, a 90 frames per second refresh rate and an expanded selection of experiences, choose Windows Mixed Reality Ultra.4


Check your PC or choose a Windows Mixed Reality-ready PC

Is your current Windows 10 PC ready for Windows Mixed Reality? Download the compatibility checker below to find out. Or, shop for a new Windows Mixed Reality-ready PC.5

Windows Mixed Reality-ready PC

Find tips for getting started with Windows Mixed Reality

Get Support

Learn about Windows Mixed Reality health, safety and comfort.

1 Windows Mixed Reality requires a compatible Windows 10 PC and headset, plus the latest Windows 10 update; PC requirements may vary for available apps and content; Learn more about available experiences, apps and content.

2 Based on average time between plugging in a Windows Mixed Reality headset to a compatible PC and the start of the Windows Mixed Reality experience. Additional time may be required to update your PC to the latest Windows 10 update.

3 Intel® technologies’ features and benefits depend on system configuration and may require enabled hardware, software or service activation. Performance varies depending on system configuration. No computer system can be secure. Check with your system manufacturer or retailer or learn more at

4 Sound, Cortana and voice dictation require compatible mic-enabled headphones with a 3.5mm jack (USB not supported), plugged into the audio jack on the HMD. You can find compatible headphones by looking for the Cortana badge or Circle icon on product packaging and websites.

5 The connection between the Windows Mixed Reality-ready PC and the immersive headset requires full-sized HDMI and USB 3.0 ports; separate adapters may be required.

9 Windows Mixed Reality requires a compatible Windows 10 PC and headset, plus the latest Windows 10 update; PC requirements may vary for available apps and content.

11 PC requirements vary for available apps and content. Please see minimum requirements per title.