the map of Belgium appearing with the logo of Digital AmBEtion and the baseline 'Putting Belgium on the digital map together'

Digital AmBEtion

Digital AmBEtion is an investment plan from Microsoft that runs over several years. The plan is designed to accelerate the digital transformation of public and private organizations and promote sustainable economic growth in Belgium. Core focus of Digital AmBEtion is the construction of a new datacenter region in Belgium; Azure Belgium Central. The datacenter will bring new state of the arch data security and cloud solutions to the country, helping Belgian organizations achieve resiliency and reliability for their business-critical workloads, and benefit from improved performance and security through local data residency and low latency.

With this new datacenter region, Belgium will join the largest cloud infrastructure in the world and be part of a network of more than 60 datacenter regions. Companies of all sizes and from every sector will have access to Microsoft Azure at launch. With it, anyone will be able to develop purposefully with the help of cloud services. Numerous technologies such as unlimited computing power, databases, artificial intelligence and 'Internet of Things' (IoT) will soon be at your fingertips.

The Atomium with the logo of Digital AmBEtion and the tagline Putting Belgium on the digital map together

Rewatch the announcement

On November 23rd 2021, Microsoft, alongside Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, announced “Digital AmBEtion” and its intent to open a datacenter region in the country.

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Prime Minister Alexander De Croo: “Microsoft’s announcement establishes Belgium as an important anchoring point in Microsoft’s global cloud infrastructure that will contribute to digital competitiveness and new economic opportunities. This is a major step in the right direction.”

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Our ambition for Belgium

Digital AmBEtion comes with four priorities; deliver a world-class infrastructure that will ensure many new innovations and boost the countries cybersecurity and privacy. It does not stop here though, Digital AmBEtion also aims to close the digital divide in our society and create more sustainable impact.

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Empower organizations to innovate by leveraging the latest Microsoft technology and the Belgium datacenter region.

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Provide advanced data security, privacy and local data residency with the Belgium datacenter region.

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Skills For Jobs

Bridge the skills gap and enhance employability in Belgium by supporting future-ready skilling initiatives.

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Foster sustainable societal impact and help organizations achieve their sustainability goals.