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Every business is a people business. At the heart of every successful business are the people who make things happen. And, in HR, it's your job to attract and retain the very best talent, plus keep current employees as positive and productive as possible. No easy task.

With Microsoft Dynamics ERP, you get intuitive tools—plus role-based, personalised dashboards and key performance indicators targeted to the specific jobs people do. This can make their jobs easier and gives you immediate, clear, and controlled visibility into the info you need most.

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Be a dynamic human resources professional

Be a dynamic human resources professional

When you automate administrative tasks you free up time to focus on strategic, impactful HR. Talent comes right through the front door and has no reason to leave.

Manage talent

Manage talent

Securely manage sensitive employee information without IT involvement when attracting, onboarding, retaining, and developing talent across all legal entities.

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manage talent

Drive HR impact

Drive HR impact

Automate administrative HR and free up time to focus on strategic, impactful HR by providing engaging, and familiar employee self-service experiences.

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Inspire collaboration

HR software enabling collaboration

Connect and unlock social, organisational, and operational intelligence that can inspire innovation, interactions, and collaboration for better and faster results.

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What is human resource management?

Hiring, training, assessing, and managing today’s workforce are all key to business growth and success. Human resource departments are responsible for monitoring and tracking employee performance and compliance throughout their work life cycle.

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