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Windows 10 helps students and educators do great things

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Affordable devices &

Windows 10 devices come in a range of form factors and prices. A new range of affordable devices provides strong performance for students and teachers. Along with budget friendly devices, Microsoft offers the following solutions as part of Microsoft Education: Office 365 Education,1 OneNote, Skype in the classroom, and OneDrive to enable a complete solution.

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Safety &

The most secure, robust and flexible Windows ever for your students. With multiple layers of integrated security this is the most secure Windows yet.

Watch how Take a Test enables secure browser-based test taking Read about protection against modern security threats
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Simplified deployment & management

Reduced cost and complexity for 1 classroom or 100. Windows 10 provides educational institutions with simplified ways to deploy and manage your devices using Intune for Education. With simple enrollment, granular policy control, and shared device controls, Microsoft makes it easy to purchase, deploy and manage Windows 10 devices in any classroom.

Watch Microsoft Intune for Education in Action Sign up to learn more about Microsoft Intune for Education Watch how to set up shared devices with the Set up School PCs app for Windows 10 View the Windows 10 education deployment guide

1Office 365 Education requires a valid school email address.

Windows 10 delivers better learning outcomes

“We encourage agility with Windows 10.”

Gymnasium Mödling Keimgasse in Austria deployed Windows 10 devices in the classroom to create a better student learning environment and give teachers more time in their day to teach.

“Children are able to be more productive”

An overview of several schools using Windows 10 – all share their experiences of Windows 10 in the classroom.

“Without the technology, we’re leaving them behind”

Assistive technologies and Windows 10 let students learn in ways that work for them. See Nashwaaksis’ journey with inclusive education.

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River Dell Leverages Windows Ink

When River Dell school district wanted to help students and teachers improve their learning outcomes, they chose Windows 10 for it’s inking and collaborative capabilities, along with Office 365 and OneNote Class Notebooks.

“Windows 10 in the classroom is amazing for organizing my lesson plans and classroom. I have improved the time I spend teaching by 30% weekly.”

Nam Ngo Thanh

Vietnam Australia International School

“Microsoft offers the best ecosystem for education. Windows Ink combined with Office 365 and OneNote Class notebooks enables our teachers to build and deliver incredible learning experiences.”

Kimberly Mecham

Director of Information & Communication Technology
St Thomas School
Medina, WA

“My favorite feature using Windows 10 is multiple desktops. I like being able to have certain things that I have up on my computer but yet having my students see something completely different.”

Missy Woitaszewski

Omaha, NB, USA

Better learning outcomes

Bring out the best in students by providing a platform for personalized learning, exploration, collaboration, and getting things done. Windows 10 devices with Learning Tools from OneNote, enable students to deliver improved performance.

Read about Accessibility in Windows 10: A guide for educators

Digital inking

Windows 10 devices support digital ink, which enables students to write, draw, solve math problems, and create right on their device. Students who use digital ink produce 56% more diagrams, symbols, and numbers, leading up to a 38% improvement in performance.2

2Research statistics based on “Computer interfaces and their impact on learning: Sharon Oviatt”, 2013

Education Tools for Windows 10

Windows 10 introduces additional features designed specifically for K - 12 educators and students, alongside other education news today from Microsoft.

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Apps for Windows

There are thousands of education apps in the Windows marketplace, from early learning games to study aids and even apps that will help you manage the classroom, with more available every day.