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Marc's Message

Welcome! Microsoft is deeply engaged in the importance of education in Canada. We strongly believe that the modern learner and the successful teacher have access to the greatest technology both in the classroom and at home. Technology and tools that are designed to improve learning outcomes, to provide access to the most effective means of learning and teaching, and tools that protect the privacy and security of our students.

As technology is helping transform the classroom and helping youth become leaders in the working world, we strongly believe that developing computer skills that are relevant and connected to real employment and entrepreneurship are the foundation to real innovation in the classroom. The ability for students to work online and offline, the ability to use touchscreens to write and absorb information, the ability to take notes and shape a student’s own learning environment are some of the foundations to teaching and learning outcomes that we take so seriously.

Microsoft is committed to the modern learning environment and we hope that by navigating through this website, by connecting directly with our Education team across Canada, or by participating in our series of education forums and events, that we can help shape classroom transformation for the betterment of our youth, teachers and education administrators.

Marc SeamanNational Director of Education and Public Affairs, Microsoft Canada
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