Manito Ahbee Aki:
The place where the Creator sits

Boohzoo Aniin! Travel back in time to experience Anishinaabe culture, community and teachings in Minecraft Education.

Explore three distinct lessons with your students to help them understand the Anishinaabe Worldview through teachings from Knowledge Keepers. Learn about how to leverage these resources from the authors of this world, the Louis Riel School Division’s Indigenous Education team.

Part 1: The Forks

Explore The Forks, a historic site in Winnipeg where the Red and Assiniboine rivers meet. Knowledge Keepers in the game will teach students about the significance of this area and more.

Part 2: The Petroforms

Students will learn about the Bannock Point Petroforms found in Manito Ahbee. These are human-made rock formations of animal and character shapes from the Anishinaabe Peoples’ history and culture.

Part 3: Thriving Communities

Students will learn about important values and factors that foster a healthy and thriving way of life by building a flourishing community and creating food sovereignty through farming and a bison hunt.

Keep the learning going with extension activities

Explore several additional student activities that explore the Anishinaabe Worldview, history, and culture. Learn about the Seven Teachings, Anishinaabemowin vocabulary, Four Medicines and more.

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