Challenges in this industry

Challenges range from dealing with steep world population growth and the ever increasing need to provide high-quality food and water; from baby boomers retiring and the industry struggling to fill empty positions and the intrinsic need for manufacturing companies to use modern technology to attract and retain a digital workspace; from managing increased cyber risk and dealing with the potentially dangerous effects of certain chemicals or substances being misused in the environment or the risk of theft.

The Microsoft approach

To address these challenges, Microsoft can help with the required new investments in infrastructure that support changing business models, ease in the on-boarding of a new workforce and also help adopt a holistic approach to risk and security by focusing not only on protection, but also on detection.

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    From startup to enterprise using Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions.

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  • Sanko Holding

    Sanko Holding is growing its roots to the cloud throughout its digital transformation journey.

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  • Yara

    Support farmers—and protect the planet: global fertilizer firm uses Azure to help safeguard worldwide collaboration.

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  • Wessex Water

    Improving the flow of communications with Surface Hub.

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Chemical and agrochemical solutions

Microsoft empowers chemical and agrochemical businesses to digitally transform across the agribusiness value chain using systems of intelligence, including big data platforms, Internet of Things, and predictive analytics. Drive faster product innovation and profitable, first-quality manufacturing, from delivering innovative services and implementing best-practice operations to improved planning and decision making by increasing effective interactions among co-workers, customers, vendors, and regulators across your chemical and agro value chain.

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