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Get help deploying the new Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

Available in February, FastTrack provides deployment guidance for Windows 10 Enterprise customers with 150 seats or more at no additional cost.

Upgrade to Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus.

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Upgrade with our help

Go from Windows 7 and Office 2010 to Windows 10 Enterprise and Office 365 ProPlus with deployment guidance from FastTrack.

Don’t worry about compatibility

Rest assured knowing more than 99 percent of all Windows 7 and Office 2010 apps are compatible with Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus. If you have an app that doesn’t work, we’ll help fix it.

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Improve security

Reduce risk by up to 40 percent when you move to Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus and stay current with regular security updates backed by the Microsoft cloud.

Increase productivity

Move to Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus and increase productivity by up to three weeks per year per person without any retraining.

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Stay up to date

Keep Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus up to date with help from FastTrack.

More FastTrack tools for success

Office 365

Speed implementation, drive adoption, and help people get the most from the premier cloud productivity suite.

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Help people reap the benefits of Enterprise Mobility + Security with planning and training from FastTrack.

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"When Microsoft delivers feature updates to Windows 10, our products will always support that environment. That clearly helps us build an advantage over competitors that may not be in step with Microsoft."

- Aaron McIntosh, Director of Product Marketing, WinMagic

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Deployment resources for Windows 10

Desktop Analytics

Deploy with confidence and keep your PCs up to date.

Desktop Deployment Center

Get guidance to plan and carry out your large-scale deployment of Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus.

Deployment Lab Kit

Plan, test, and validate your deployment of Windows 10 Enterprise and Office 365 ProPlus with a lab kit.

Windows Insider Program

Streamline your deployment and help shape Windows for your specific business needs.

Readiness Toolkit for Office

Assess your app compatibility with Office 365 ProPlus.

Self-guided support

Set up Microsoft 365 services using step-by-step guides.

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