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Microsoft Industry Blogs - Canada: Azure


For Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan, data is at the heart of digital transformation 

Over the past few years, the financial services industry in Canada has been on an accelerated journey to digital. Institutions big and small are reshaping their digital agendas and adopting a data strategy to keep pace with changing customer expectations. While every company’s digital journey is noteworthy, the midmarket financial sector’s transformation is especially impressive


The Growing Risk of Cybercrime and Protecting Cybersecurity of the Planet 

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a massive transition to remote work, which according to Microsoft Canada’s National Security Officer John Hewie, it was also “a gift for cyber criminals.” Speaking at the Public Policy Forum’s Canada Growth Summit 2022, Hewie noted that malicious acts were easily carried out as organizations rapidly adopted new tech tools and


Microsoft Introduces New Artificial Intelligence Partner Advisory Board 

Recent years have proven that the future economy will be digital. For Canada to lead, we need to empower all organizations, including those viewed as “traditional,” to accelerate innovation by leveraging the right technologies. The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) offers seemingly limitless potential for organizations across industries and sectors, including operational efficiencies, real-time data-informed


Canada Federal PBMM Azure Blueprint Available 

For organizations planning to host IaaS or PaaS workloads in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft is publishing a series of blueprint samples built in to Azure to help you proactively manage and monitor your compliance obligations.


PowerApps: Innovation for all 

Automation is a thriving part of every job, data is driving more decisions than ever before, and thus the pressure for modernizing an organization is growing rapidly. But transformation isn’t always easy. Who will create the solutions? Who will inform them? How will solutions be connected with the data that makes them relevant?


Unlocking innovation in Canada – the time to act is now! 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the defining technology of our time. Organizations that take advantage of all that it has to offer are arming themselves to compete now and in the future. A recent study of European leaders highlights how businesses that are actively implementing AI are more than twice as likely to be high-growth companies.