Cloud and the Modern HR Team

In an age of digital transformation and disruption, HR leaders are being challenged to collect, own, protect, manage and analyze huge amounts of data related to candidates, employees, and the workforce, while at the same time foster innovation within the workforce. The new balance of priorities for HR teams includes driving business impact through real-time insights, engaging employees with a responsive corporate culture, and accelerating productivity through digital transformation. Not a small challenge!

Fortunately, technology has emerged as an enabler of this transformation that HR is driving in organizational culture. As a platform for tools, the Microsoft cloud has profound implications for parsing data and optimizing operations, but at the most basic level, Azure offers five critical qualities:

Accessibility: the service is accessible from anywhere, anytime.  With Azure operating out of 38 regions around the world, including two data centers in Canada alone, it provides an extensive global infrastructure to support your organization across the globe.  Additionally, it allows employees and managers real-time access to the appropriate HR data and tools which empower them to perform more HR self-service tasks.

Agility: you can scale up automatically through Azure’s platform as a service (PaaS), adjusting the number of servers used to meet the current load.  This quality becomes incredibly helpful when administering important processes like performance management where a high volume of employees need access in the same time frame.

Security: in HR, security of personally identifiable information or PII is critical to maintaining compliance to local laws and credibility with an organization’s employees.  Azure offers multi-factor authentication for a more secure sign-on process.

Mobility: Azure App Services offer full-featured support for cross-platform and native apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.  With an increasingly multigenerational and diverse workforce, mobility and preference can make a difference in your retention strategy for key talent.

Cost-Effectiveness: Using software as a service (Saas), you can use existing software built from within or offered through third parties and create a robust service that is seamless for the user and cost-effective for the company.

What does this all mean?

Ultimately, we’re providing a way to arm your HR teams with the most advanced technology so you can watch your organization—and its people—thrive and achieve more. Learn more about what Microsoft Azure can do for you.