“HR employees need different skills today,” says Dawn Klinghoffer, General Manager for Human Resources Business Intelligence. She’s referring the fact that HR employees need to generate insights from data about their employees. A high demand for talent exists in many industries. Organizations need to hire and retain the best employees, and HR departments that gain insights from data are more likely to give their organizations a competitive advantage when it comes to people management.

At Microsoft, the HR team has delivered on the promise of Digital Transformation through a wide array of technologies and data analytics. Some of the ways Microsoft HR is using analytics include:

• Recruiters using data to understand where great employees come from
• HR running a predictive attrition model using Azure Machine Learning to help ensure that great employees stay around

Read this whitepaper “Digital Workplace for HR: Supercharging HR with Data, Insight” for a peek into how Microsoft HR has undergone a Digital Transformation and tips for giving your own HR department a digital makeover.

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