For many Canadian business leaders, it’s a time of great uncertainty when it comes to cybersecurity and the ability to safely pursue digital transformation. In fact, only 21% of Canadian executives recently surveyed by Microsoft Canada believe that they are fully prepared for today’s cyber threats. And with each day comes news of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks on organizations – both private and public sector – worldwide. It’s no wonder the C-Suite is concerned.

As Microsoft Canada’s National Security Officer, I have conversations every day with our Canadian customers about what we are doing as an organization to protect their vital data. I often tell them that “Microsoft is the largest security company that you’ve never heard of.” What do I mean by that, you might ask?

I mean that everything Microsoft engineers and operates is rooted in our deep focus on security. We believe that security needs to be built into everything and not bolt on after the fact. Public cloud is the future of effective security and can enable digital transformation with confidence and safety. Microsoft delivers a comprehensive, agile platform to better protect endpoints, move faster to detect threats, and respond to security incidents quickly across even the largest of organizations. We invest more than $1 billion every year in security capabilities for our solutions. That’s how we continue to keep pace – and outpace – the cybercrime ecosystem and safeguard our customers’ businesses, with a focus on preventing identity compromise, securing apps and data, expanding device controls, and safeguarding infrastructure.

From large financial institutions with a high need for security (like TD Bank) to smaller Canadian businesses with a need to scale and modernize (like Mabel’s Labels), our trusted solutions are helping drive secure digital transformation.

And we’ve built all of our security solutions to meet the needs of the modern workforce and the modern customer. Advanced biometrics in Windows Hello provides employees with a more personal and secure way to unlock Windows 10 devices using facial recognition or fingerprints. We’ve built our Enterprise Mobility Suite to ensure companies can offer employees BYOD programs while still maintaining a secure network. Microsoft Cloud App Security allows companies to discover all the cloud apps in use on their networks, and decide which ones to allow or block.

Now more than ever, Canadian business leaders are encouraged to evaluate Microsoft public cloud as a foundational element of their security strategy. And we’re here to help. Want to learn more? Check out our short eBook, Trends in Cybersecurity.

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