Dynamics 365 sets a high bar for security & compliance in Canada

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of intelligent business applications that enable Canadian organizations to grow, evolve and transform to meet the needs of your customers and capture new opportunities. Last year, Dynamics 365 services were made available from the Microsoft datacenters in Toronto and Quebec City. This provides our Canadian customers with a data resident solution meaning (if you choose) the data you or your (customers/constituents/citizens) create within Dynamics 365 is stored at rest only in those Canadian datacenters.

You also want to be sure the valuable data that you entrust to Microsoft in the cloud will remain safe and under your control. City of Brampton is a great example of a Canadian organization who is a municipal innovation leader with strong commitments to protecting their constituents data. We also see Dynamics 365 increasingly being used by customers to optimize their field service organizations who are often highly mobile workers. In a mobile first, cloud first world, trust in technology is more important than ever. Dynamics 365 is built and operated using the same trust principles you have come to expect from Microsoft – Security, Privacy, Compliance and Transparency. Whether you are a risk and compliance assessor, security officer, governance or privacy officer – the Dynamics 365 Trust Center provides the relevant information resources tailored to your role.

Dynamics 365 is comprised of a suite of services and it can sometimes be tricky to understand which compliance certifications apply. In the past year we have also expanded the coverage of compliance certifications across Dynamics 365 so I encourage you to refer to the Cloud Services Compliance page for a summary view. Access to the corresponding third party audit and GRC assessment reports is available from our Service Trust portal. We go even further by publishing independent penetration testing results for Dynamics 365 providing additional transparency.

Have more questions about Dynamics 365? Reach out to your Microsoft Account Manager for a discussion.