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How can AI improve frontline healthcare?


When ThoughtWire was founded in 2009, CEO Mike Monteith endeavoured to reduce the burden on healthcare providers. He knew through first-hand experience that the overload of information and on-the-job realities compromised the ability of practitioners to deliver the best possible care to patients. In the 10 years since its founding, ThoughtWire has worked to deliver on this promise, developing an advanced suite of operations performance management software that uses AI and machine learning to enable the frontlines of healthcare to act fast. The ThoughtWire smart hospital solutions work as intelligent assistants in support of the healthcare industry.

ThoughtWire’s EarlyWarning solution takes advantage of electronic medical record (EMR) data to assess patients who might be at risk of cardiac arrest. Early detection leads to better outcomes for patients—statistics show that once a patient deteriorates to cardiac or respiratory arrest, the chances of survival drop to approximately 20 percent. The EarlyWarning app analyzes the data for trends to make educated predictions about a patient’s trajectory. By connecting with a hospital or healthcare center’s staff directory and real time location systems (RTLS), the ThoughtWire solution alerts the right people with critical patient information when they need it. In this way, not only is the platform supporting a more proactive approach to healthcare, it is also facilitating a smoother flow of information that gets the right data into the right hands before it is too late.

ThoughtWire partnered with Microsoft to support the platform using Microsoft Azure cloud services, including Azure Active Directory. According to Monteith, Azure provides the rigour and breadth of support his team needs to deliver unwavering service. The ThoughtWire team also puts a great value on Microsoft’s dedication to data privacy and security. Given the highly sensitive nature of patient information, this priority had to come first.

ThoughtWire’s partnership with Microsoft has encouraged the company to set its sights on expanding to new regions around the world. With a strong vision, there is nothing stopping the company from bringing its EarlyWarning app to patients and healthcare providers on all continents.

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