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Verosoft Design is helping businesses across industries to embrace digital transformation with The Asset Guardian (TAG), an enterprise asset management system that is driven by IoT technology capabilities and real-time data analytics. Built in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, TAG helps companies of all sizes leverage IoT, big data analytics and machine learning models and algorithms in order to optimize processes and resources. According to President and CEO of Verosoft Design Martin Turgeon, “IoT will change the way we drive our business and interact with our customers.”


Businesses across industries are embracing digital transformation, but for many companies, the barrier to entry can be the resources required to manage increasingly complicated technology. Many partners don’t have a dedicated team to manage a digital transformation successfully. While Microsoft’s Azure platform opens the door to many new forms of digital engagement, small businesses sometimes need a resource to help bridge the gap, making digital transformation accessible.

Enter TAG

The Asset Guardian, or TAG, was developed to solve this problem. Executives and business decision makers may want to leverage IoT and Artificial Intelligence techniques, but small teams don’t always have the resources to undertake the full scale of the project. Based on Dynamics Business Central, TAG offers a vertical-centric SaaS solution that enables companies of all sizes to embrace digital transformation.

TAG empowers businesses to simplify and automate equipment and maintenance in real-time across multiple job sites, including the management of parts inventories, machinery, work orders and maintenance personnel. Using IoT through Microsoft Azure, wireless sensors and monitors on equipment can offer data-driven insights that help optimize processes, saving time and money.  But the real power comes from the addition of data analytics and AI capabilities, allowing TAG to perform a deep analysis of the telemetry and metrics gathered by IoT and, using machine learning algorithms, predict equipment failure before it happens. The system can even auto-generate work orders to minimize downtime.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Verosoft also leverages a wide variety of Microsoft products to provide value to customers. Incorporating everything from Dynamics 365 to Azure Cloud-based services, TAG is able to offer a secure and customizable platform that serves a wide variety of customers with the highest uptime possible – 99.99 per cent.

TAG in Action

Electrical Energy Experts (EEE) is an acclaimed leader in electrical testing of power systems based in Wisconsin. The company specializes in high-voltage electrical testing and maintenance in industries that cannot afford downtime: healthcare, datacentres and energy generation.

Before TAG, EEE was driven by a legacy work order management system in place for over 20 years. With complex equipment, many of the components could only be accessed on a scheduled basis with planned outages by highly qualified technicians. EEE needed a strategy that would allow them to bring additional value to their customers, using data-driven and machine learning-guided decision making to help extend equipment life and improve safety for field technicians.

Leveraging TAG, EEE has opened the door to new levels of customer service. Using integrated Microsoft solutions, customers have access to complete equipment history, including every diagnostic result presented in real-time. With a comprehensive and personalized data management solution, EEE can optimize and automate their own business processes and operations and grow to new customers.

Industry 4.0 for all companies

Verosoft brings 18 years of experience to a comprehensive partner network through TAG. Since Microsoft does not embed Enterprise Asset Management software directly into Business Central, TAG offers a solution that can run independently of or embedded into the framework. As IoT is the base of business optimization, data analytics and AI, TAG is helping a variety of customers to leverage Industry 4.0 and digital transformation in a secure, effective and affordable way.