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Kodisoft revolutionizes the restaurant industry with Azure IoT Hub


When Kodisoft came up with the idea for an interactive dining table, it was clear that the restaurant industry would never be the same. These multitouch, scratch-resistant, water-resistant smart tables bring the Internet of Things (IoT) to the dining experience. Customers can engage with the tables in an intuitive way to view the menu, place their orders, draw or take notes, and even play games together. But to support the varied demands of a table for the future, Kodisoft needed a robust solution.

After scouring the selection of AI and machine learning services on the market, Kodisoft found that Microsoft stood out as the top choice. Not only could Microsoft Azure provide the elasticity and scalability the Kodisoft team needed for their rapidly growing business, but the resilience and reliability of platform ensures their devices are always providing an great customer experience. Azure IoT Hub is a managed service that supports communications between millions of IoT devices and a back-end solution, making it easy for the Kodisoft team to understand the health of their devices and resolve issues on the fly. After working with Microsoft to develop the table, Kodisoft has seen huge results in restaurants across the country.

By empowering customers to explore the menu and make orders independently, Kodisoft has freed up time for restaurant servers. They can focus their efforts on tasks like upselling, providing prompt service, and delivering more attentive care to customers. And because diners can order food directly from the table and are more likely to linger over the interactive display, restaurants have seen an average increase in check size by 32 percent.

These restaurants have also gained more customer insights through data gathered by Azure Machine Learning and predictive analytics. Restaurant owners can see where patrons spend time looking through the menu and can make strategic adjustments or additions based on this information. For example, are people spending lots of time eyeing the dessert menu? It might be time to add a new option or two. Having a digital menu makes updates simple, fast, and stress-free.

Overall, customers enjoy engaging with the table. While it is easy to navigate for curious users, the table also prompts interaction by responding to objects in an intelligent way. Adults drinking from glasses of wine? Children sipping from cartoon-covered cups? The table detects these items and can present relevant games or activities. With the power of Microsoft Azure, Kodisoft is proud to spur more of what we love about traditional meals: quality time and fun with the people who matter most.

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