Screen grab of the Mainstage section of the Modern Workplace on Demand business channel, featuring its keynote speakers: Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Fawn Annan, Derek Hopfner, Marc Saltzman, Jason Brommet, Gladstone Grant, Ricardo Wagner, Corinne Sharp, and John Hewie.

If you like to watch experts speak at business conferences and similar events, but lack the time to do so, this post is for you! In it, we announce the arrival of Modern Workplace on Demand—Microsoft’s new business channel for modernizing Canadian businesses—and share some of the exciting details about this free new resource.

Most professionals managing small or midsized businesses appreciate the enduring value of attending business events, they just don’t have the time to go. Their business needs them too much. The time they invest attending an event can translate into disruption or even opportunity loss.

Enter Modern Workplace on Demand. You and your team can subscribe for free and start watching exclusive business presentations on demand, today. Plus, you can find ebooks, success stories, and the opportunity to win Surface devices every month!

Watch the teasers!

So, who’s on the channel? Microsoft has assembled some of Canada’s foremost technology experts to speak about the subjects of most importance to small businesses.

Digital transformation: Fawn Annan, President and Group Publisher of IT World Canada/IDG Canada—the world’s biggest technology publisher—describes her company’s remarkable seven-year digital transformation journey. This is a must-watch video for anyone struggling with their own company’s reinvention strategy.

Privacy: Dr. Ann Cavoukian, the former Ontario Privacy Commissioner and one of the world’s premier privacy experts, discusses the importance and business benefits of embracing privacy by design. If you believe that privacy and sales/marketing are somehow at odds, this is the presentation you need to watch to get up to speed.

Trendspotting: Marc Saltzman, one of Canada’s most celebrated technology journalists, shares his expert perspective on the most important tech trends for small business. He discusses automation, blockchain, and cloud services—among other transformative technologies—as he gives us a fascinating glimpse of the near future.

Accessibility: Ricardo Wagner, Microsoft Canada’s accessibility lead, delivers an eye-opening presentation on the need for more accessibility and inclusivity in the workplace. He makes a powerful business case for embracing people with disabilities as a motivation to innovate, attract more customers, and great employees.

Innovation: Gladstone Grant, Microsoft’s National Director of Solution Sales, delivers a truly inspirational video exploring the remarkable opportunities cloud services and transformative technologies represent for small businesses. You can use his presentation to kick-off an innovation brainstorming session with your team.

And those are just some of the speakers! Modern Workplace on Demand also offers presentations on modernization, inclusivity, and other key topics for businesses who want to compete and win in the rapidly emerging digital economy. You can see them all by visiting the Mainstage section of the channel.

Photograph of Microsoft Surface devices.

Earn as you learn

Of course, there’s free stuff to win, too! Subscribers to the free channel earn points for every presentation they watch, ebook they download, or success story they consume. When a subscriber earns enough points, they automatically get entered in a monthly draw to win a Surface device from Microsoft. Sweet!

Make the most of this free channel. Do a lunch and learn with your team and watch the videos together so you can discuss the ideas and find ways to bring them to life in your business.

Free subscription offer

Microsoft currently offers free subscriptions to Modern Workplace on Demand. To take advantage of this offer, simply visit the registration page and complete the form. You’ll receive an email notification with a link to follow. Then just login to watch all the videos, read the stories, and access all kinds of free resources. Enjoy!