Course 40336A: First Look Clinic: Windows 10 for IT Professionals

Audience(s):IT Professionals
This Revision:A
Length:0.50 days

First published:

31 August 2015
About this course This Microsoft First Look Clinic introduces IT Professionals to the new features and capabilities of Windows 10, using the Enterprise Edition of Windows 10. It also covers the key Windows 10 ecosystems of Identity Management, cloud services like Azure Active Directory (AAD), deployment/management tools, and the new User Interface. No topic is covered in depth, but students will finish the clinic with an understanding of the new features and capabilities of Windows 10 and related services and administration tools. Audience profile This clinic is intended for IT professionals who are interested in learning about the new features and functionality in Windows 10. In general, adopters of new technology or people looking to gain early insight into functionality of Windows 10 and related cloud services and tools will benefit from attending this First Look Clinic. People who are key technical influencers and technology decision-makers in an IT organization also may attend this clinic, as they can benefit from gaining early insight into some of the latest features and technologies that Windows 10 includes. At course completion

After completing this Clinic, students will be able to:

  • List and explain the new features of Windows 10.
  • Understand those features that are available now and in what version.

  • Use and customize the new user interface in Windows 10

  • Describe the preparations required for deploying and managing Windows 10

  • Understand the Deployment Choices

  • Understand the Management Options

  • Understand the overall security features of Windows 10

  • List the features of Device Guard

  • Understand a methodology to deploy Device Guard

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