Microsoft Surface Pro - Commercial
CAD $1,299.00
Intel® Core™ i5 / 128GB SSD / 4GB RAM button selected
CAD $1,299.00
CAD $1,299.00  
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CAD $1,849.00
CAD $1,849.00  
CAD $1,664.10
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CAD $881.10

CAD $1,169.10 Special pricing for eligible students, parents and teachers. May not be combinable with other offers.
CAD $1,299.00
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User Rating: 5 out of 5

Submitted on2017-07-04

Review title of GregSurface Pro i7

This device is perfection! Windows Hello, battery life, performance is fantastic! Surface dock is great! Works perfectly for 2 Dell U2515H monitors, I can get 3 to work but the 3rd won't go full resolution. I have to plug it into the surface directly. Then I get 3 1440p monitors driven by the SP Pro JUST AWESOME!!! There are some small issues, like surface seems to lock up if I wake it with the dock connected, but if I wake first them connect the dock it's fine. I'm not worried about this as I'm sure a fix will be provided. If they can get the dock to drive 3 monitors of 1440 I would be extremely happy, but I can live with plugging the 3rd directly into the surface. These products are over expensive in my opinion but you are getting a premium product that just works! Waiting on the new matching pen :( Good job MS!! I now have a great dev machine I can carry with me ANYWHERE!

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User Rating: 4 out of 5

Submitted on2017-08-12

Review title of AmynLove it!!

It's a fantastic little machine!! I'm moving from a mac and I felt the same freedom which I felt when I moved from iPhone to Andriod phone!! It's fast, responsive, turn on/off very quickly, great resolution and the battery life is great!! Highly recommended!

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User Rating: 5 out of 5

Submitted on2017-11-04

Review title of EugeneLoving my Surface Pro-with update

While I've only had it for a few days now, I'm really liking my SP. I've got the docking station set up at work, so that I can sit down, attach the one cord, and get access to the monitors, Ethernet, and peripherals. When I've got a meeting though, I unplug one cord, fold up the screen, and I'm ready to go. Nice to have the touch screen and tablet abilities. After being a Mac person for so long, it's taking a bit of time to remember Windows. No regrets. Quick update: I've now had my Surface Pro for several months. I'm still learning new ways to be more productive. It's nice to detach the keyboard for more mobile computing. Having the full power of a laptop in the form of a tablet is great. Shifting into battery-saver mode, I can easily get a full day of work without plugging in. This is an ideal go-anywhere computer.

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User Rating: 5 out of 5

Submitted on2017-09-06

Review title of ScottYup - awesome yet again

I bought the first Surface Pro 128Gb for personal use - and in the office a few more (v3 and v4 - not V2) .... Although my v1 still works fine, I did want some more power, so I bought the i7 model - again for home use... It's great - It's fast - It's light - the screen is awesome - and a 3 hour train trip 2 days after I got it I watched 2 Top Gear Specials (about 80 minutes each) and my battery was at 74%. The brightness wasn't at full, but it was plenty bright enough for me (my main working computers are Lenovo W/P series with colour sensors - I like bright/high gamut screens) .... I'm not a BIG Gamer, but I love the Diablo series - Full res - Highest detail - NO problem or stutter No idea what Consumer Reports does - But I have 2 Surface (v1 and v5), the office has another 11 (various) and clients have at least another 30...... The V1 and V2 power cord end wasn't 100% - replaced 4 - but ZERO failures otherwise. Everyone has a failure rate - absolutely - but 25% is nonsense

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User Rating: 4 out of 5

Submitted on2017-06-26

Review title of kamranAccidentally goes to sleep mode!

I got my pre-ordered Surface Pro-core i5-256 G- on June 15. It's a great product as its predecessor with the new processor. But it went to sleep mode unexpectedly while I was working. Only by pressing the power button it started again. Right now I am writing this review it happened again! It happens frequently. I hope it would be resolved with a new update; I have downloaded all available updates from Microsoft. I don't want to go the other options, almost Microsoft Pro is unrivaled! Update: I changed it, and the new one is working pretty good.Thanks for Microsoft Store customer services.

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User Rating: 1 out of 5

Submitted on2018-06-05


Lots of minor problems that I overlook (screen does not dim with keyboard...volumn does not change with keyboard....) but now the screen has started flickering. Did some research and apparently a certain batch have this problem and it's hardware problem. Went to the store and no one can do anything for me, simply told me to go to the website. The support website took an hour to take me to the repair request page, then asked for $500 to replace it, which is probably a furbished device. TERRIBLE SUPPORT WHEN YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH YOUR DEVICE. When a device at this price point fails to work due to A KNOWN HARDWARE PROBLEM, it should be replaced at no cost to the customers. Deeply disappointed with Microsoft after this experience....

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User Rating: 5 out of 5

Submitted on2017-08-28

Review title of BrendanAmazing Device

I just got the new Surface about a month ago and so far, it's everything I expected. Great device, especially with the pen. Will be using it in the fall for school and so far, it's demonstrated that it will meet all the needs I have for it (note taking, calendar use...)

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User Rating: 5 out of 5

Submitted on2017-06-25

Review title of JamieVery Satisfied

Work's great, was easy to set up and will work great when I head to university in September. I'm very satisfied, it is exactly what I was looking for.

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User Rating: 4 out of 5

Submitted on2017-07-14

Review title of GhayathFine product - issues with shipping

I switched from the Surface pro 3 and couldn't be happier. The product is very well designed and functions great. What I love the most is the fanless design for the intel core i5. The only reason I'm giving four stars is the problem with shipping that I had. I had asked for an express 1 to3 days shipping and took about 10 days to reach. However, after calling Microsoft customer service they refunded me the express shipping fee that I paid for the order.

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User Rating: 2 out of 5

Submitted on2017-06-27

Review title of mohdFreezes ALL the time

Got the new surface pro i5 4Gb of RAM and it freezes so many times everyday. I'm definitely returning it and I can't believe that Microsoft would sell a full windows 10 device with only 4 Gb of RAM. I needed this only for college and I don't want to spend over $300 just to get an extra 4 Gb of RAM, especially that 128 Gb SSD is more than enough for me. For the 4 GB RAM version it will exceed 80% of available RAM if you only have chrome open and nothing else. Disappointed

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